Iron Man, Watchmen, Tintin, The Dark Knight: March 9th Comic Reel Wrap


From the Dude's mouth, here it is -- actor Jeff Bridges told IGN that he'd be playing industrialist Obadiah Stane in the upcoming Jon Favreau helmed Marvel adaptation.


Lots of people noticed a very unusual image buried in the YouTube trailer for 300, and Ain't It Cool News verified that it's one of the first test images for the Alan Moore adaptation, done by director Zack Snyder.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks will film the adventures of the iconic Belgian comic-strip hero with Stephen Spielberg as producer.


Variety confirms that actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is in final negotiations to take over the role of Rachel Dawes, vacated by actress Katie Holmes, in the sequel. She'll be in front of cameras by summer, and the film is slated for a July 18th, 2008 release.

Meanwhile, actor Cillian Murphy is still playing coy about whether or not he'll be back, or so he said in a chat with Comingsoon.net.


Co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti is once again quoted by Sci Fi Wire talking about his involvement with the project. "I have some crazy credit," he said. "It'll say, 'created by.' I'm a consultant as well. I'm writing an episode, 13, right now. And I'll be directing one of the later episodes."


Also from the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter John August has been hired to write for the Peter Segal-helmed project.


Producer Greg Weisman talked to us here at CBR about working on the new animated series.


Staying in the realm of Peter Parker, a tidbit at Comic Book Movie talks about what to expect from the teaser trailer that you can see with screenings of "300," and Superhero Hype claims that we'll see a full trailer by the end of March.

Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad talked to IGN and implied -- with or without Tobey Maguire -- the films would continue. "This story has been going on a long time and it will continue going," Arad said. "There's some issues that will come not to an end but to a conclusion, but Peter Parker's story will continue forward. He's still young. The love story will always be the ruling thing in his life. It's always about the girl so, no, it's just number three."


Kryptonsite got an invite to the big wedding and wrote all about it, also providing screen captures of a new trailer for the episode in question, "Promise."


Did they really do an R-rated trailer for the historical war movie? Checking over at Superhero Hype, it appears that yes, yes they did.


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