Iron Man, Watchmen, Shazam, Punisher: July 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


It's too easy to say "talk to the repulsor," but you'll probably think it too when you see the new photo from Entertainment Weekly showing Robert Downey Jr. finding out how clothes make the Avenger.


Sally Jupiter? Rorschach? Ozymandias? CBR News checks out the casting rumors.


Screen writer John August talked to the Los Angeles Times about some of the conundrums present in creating the character. "Billy doesn't want to turn back, that's central to the story. And a lot of the movie hinges upon that and Billy's relationship with his best friend and that disparity. They are two teen friends and then suddenly one of them is 30 and a hero. So it creates tension. You know, as a screenwriter, that's the thing, to take what seems to be a problem and make it a key element of the story. But Michael hit it on the head, that's one of the emotional cores of this story. So to me it's a great problem to have."


Latino Review has an interesting rumor claiming that actor Ray Stevenson will follow Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane in wearing a skull-faced black t-shirt.


Another article at the Los Angeles Times claims that writer/director Seth Rogen wants "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Shaolin Soccer" veteran Stephen Chow to get sized for a domino mask to play martial arts-inspired sidekick Kato.


The network has released a first look at actress Laura Vandervoort "in character" as Supergirl.

Across the aisle, Kryptonsite's avowed enemies at Devoted to Smallville have a scan of a TV Guide article discussing the hit CW series and what to expect for season seven.


IESB chimed in with a script review of the project bringing Mark Millar to Hollywood.


Speaking of script reviews, Latino Review is back taking a look at the screenplay for Easy Company's head honcho.


Actor Josh Hartnett was interviewed by Shock Till You Drop about his upcoming horror turn. "It's not like it's just all running and screaming," Hartnett said of the project. "It's actually quite a difficult character piece. It's all about trying to find your way into a headspace where you can actually sacrifice yourself or someone you love. It was a good dramatic movie actually when it comes down to it, 'cause there were just so many scenes of people sitting in a room, huddled and starting to lose it because they've been hiding for so long. It's good. I liked it a lot, and I had a great time."


CBR News takes an exclusive look at the set with photos from our pal Tom Stillwell, plus more about the sequel.


What's next for creator Tim Kring? He wonders that in a Superhero Hype interview. "It's been a wild ride," Kring said "As you know, a season is 39 weeks long, and most television shows, us being one of them, can only produce about 24 episodes, so when you do the math, you're off the air. That didn't used to matter with a stand-alone procedural show where people would watch a rerun. Now, nobody will watch a rerun of a serialized show. Reruns are dead, so the question becomes what do you do to keep the audience alive, especially on a show like this that has kind of an addictive quality to it and a rhythm to the airing of these episodes. As you may or may not have known, we were off the air for seven weeks during the spring. We came back and took a huge hit in the ratings. We lost three million viewers and they never came back. This idea of doing a series within the series that would be new ancillary material to the show in a way. It lives in the world of "Heroes" but it's a different series. The basic idea is that we posited a premise on the show that this is happening around the world and to many, many people and people are waking up with these discoveries of these unique powers, and this is a chance to show some of those origin stories in a kind of Rod Serling template of a cautionary tale or a morality tale around one or two characters that are discovering their new-found abilities."


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