Iron Man, Wanted, Tintin: February 4th Comic Reel Wrap


The new trailer we saw last week at Marvel.com is now online at the official website and in high-definition QuickTime at Apple as well. CBR News has screen captures from the trailer for your convenience.

Apparently, there's an animated series in the works as well.

Screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby talked to Film.com about what to expect. "Jon wanted it to be more fun," Fergus says. "He didn't want it to be 'Batman,' where he's skulking around, or Jason Bourne and all these angst-ridden heroes. So's [Tony Stark], but he's also a party animal, he's fun, and he deals with his issues by being extroverted, not staying at home, skulking in the mirror."

Finally, executive producer Peter Billingsley talked to Comingsoon.net about his involvement in bringing the Golden Avenger to the screen. "I'm an Executive Producer on the film and have been involved since the get," Billingsley said. "It was the next film that Jon moved onto, so I moved on with him, and it's been an incredible experience. The film's really good, and we're kind of in that stage now where the cut's just starting to lock up and we're doing tons of visual effects. There's over a thousand visual effects shots in the movie, and it's really really exciting."


Another super-hero related movie saw its trailer premiere during the Super Bowl, and it's online at Yahoo! Movies. Once again, CBR has screen captures from the trailer as well.


Actor Andy Serkis told Empire Online that filming has begun. "It was on the 'Avatar' stage," Serkis told Empire, referring to James Cameron's long-anticipated all-CGI epic. "We had this incredible week. Cameron was there, Peter Jackson was there [who's directing one of the three 'Tintin' films], and Steven Spielberg was there [who's directing another]. All in the same room!"


Cyber Animation has the first extended trailer for the new animated series.


Speaking of new trailers, you can check out a DCU guest start on the network's site or just see it here courtesy of YouTube ...

Kryptonsite has screen captures from another promo, showing the return of a guest star from last season, as well as captures from the aforementioned trailer.


A symbiote spin-off? That's the word from IESB.


The big rumor wandering around all weekend is that there's been a breakthrough in the negotiations reported at various media outlets, virtually word for word. Even Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke has some version of the story, claiming progress is being made, and allegedly Fox head Peter Chernin went to the Super Bowl telling pals the strike is over.

However, there's still words of caution and even open skepticism about the reports, which are largely coming through major media outlets ... controlled or influenced by the AMPTP. Meanwhile, WGA members are being encouraged to keep picketing in force.

The side deals keep coming, though, this time including GreeneStreet Films, Killer Films, Open City Films, and This Is That corporation.


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