Iron Man VR Video Game Announced for PlayStation VR

Iron man VR

Marvel's Armored Avenger will soon be getting the virtual reality treatment, as Sony has officially unveiled Iron Man VR for PlayStation VR.

To coincide with the new title's announcement during the PlayStation State of Play broadcast, a teaser trailer for Iron Man VR has also been released. This trailer puts viewers in Tony Stark's point of view as he sits on a plane en route to a business meeting in Shanghai. During a chat with F.R.I.D.A.Y., an unknown enemy, who bares a striking resemblance to the technological villain Ghost, interrupts to let Stark know that he "can't escape his past."

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The plane is then attacked and Stark is jettisoned out into the blue yonder, forcing him to suit up as Iron Man to take out his assailants before they do the same to him. Viewers then get their first look at what piloting the Iron Man suit in VR will look like, complete with a familiar heads-up display.

It should be noted that during the trailer's cutscenes, a disclaimer appears at the bottom of the screen reading "NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY." As such, players can expect the look of the game to change by the time it's actually released.

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Iron Man VR is developed by Camouflaj. The game does not have an official launch date, but will be released for PlayStation VR sometime in 2019.

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