Iron Man: The Venom-Inspired Endo-Sym Armor, Explained


Tony Stark is defined by his habit to invent and tinker with his Iron Man technology. He just can't help himself, which has lead to the creation of numerous suits for countless situations. But he's usually held back by some sense of standards, with his more dangerous impulses tempered by his sense of morality.

All of that went out the window with the Endo-Sym Armor. The distinct chrome suit that was constructed for the Superior Iron Man run is arguably the most dangerous suit Stark has ever created, incorporating the mechanical achievements that Stark had developed over the years while also utilizing the strengths of the alien symbiotes like Venom and Carnage. Now, CBR is taking a look back at the history of the Endo-Sym Armor, how it was developed and how powerful it really is.

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Superior Iron Man

The Endo-Sym armor is technically Iron Man Armor Model 50. The suit was constructed following the events of AXIS, a  storyline that shifted the morality of various Marvel heroes and villains. Although most of them had their personalities reset at the conclusion of the arc, Tony Stark was among the handful who remained flipped. Without any of the moral hangups that previously kept his ambitions at bay, Stark went about creating potentially the most powerful technology he'd ever attempted.

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Stark introduced a new version of Extremis into the San Francisco populace, making himself into one of the most potent (and infamous) men in the city. He also went about developing a brand new armor. This suit possesses more power than most of the previous versions of the Iron Man armor, which is saying something given the destructive capability of even the most basic Iron Man suit. However, the sheer wealth of abilities the suit possesses makes it easily his most dangerous creation.


Beyond the many capabilities afforded by just being an Iron Man suit, the development of the Endo-Sym Armor included an element that Stark had never previously attempted. The suit is modeled after the physiology of symbiotes. Instead of being a solid single armor, the Endo-Sym Armor is made of full liquid smart-metal. This allows the suit to morph shape and design at command. The suit bonds to the user psychically, and responds to mental commands as the symbiote does when it's bonded to a human. This allows Stark to deploy the suit whenever he wants to and even change the suit into a veritable Hulkbuster whenever he feels it's necessary.

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Stark described the creation as "alive," something the more cautious version of Stark would have tried to avoid. Although the suit does not possess any real intelligence or free will, it is imbued with a drive to be connected to the person it's bonded with. When Stark was briefly separated from the suit, it was able to assume a humanoid figure to try and break through the defenses that were separating Stark from it.


In designing the suit, Stark attempted to accentuate the strengths of both his armor design and symbiote physiology. The suit is strong enough to survive battles with She-Hulk, and Stark included thrusters within the arms just so every punch he throws can be accelerated with a major speed and power boost. It's even been designed with specific defenses against powerful energy attacks, like lightning bolts from the X-Men's Storm. Its repulsor ray technology is even potent enough to overwhelm people like Havok, who has the specific ability to absorb and rechannel energy.

The symbiote elements of the suit are even more foreboding. It can create tendrils out of itself akin to how Venom and Carnage fight. This gives the suit a physical range that made it tough enough to easily overpower Daredevil in a close-combat battle. The tendrils can even be used to infect and override other armors, giving Tony the ability to take over the bodies of any of his enemies who attack him with their own armors.

However, it's also been modified to ignore many of the weaknesses that usually plague symbiotes. It is impervious to sonic attacks and even most forms of flames, removing two of the major established ways to combat symbiotes. All around, the armor is constructed to be the greatest invention Stark had ever developed. It took cosmically dangerous forces, such as Thanos and his Black Order, to finally overwhelm the suit and capture Stark during this period, which speaks to the potential of the suit.

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