Iron Man, Transformers, Persepolis, Whiteout: May 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Director Jon Favreau talked to MTV about what will and won't be a part of this film. "We're gonna have it take place in the present day, but there will be an origin story that has the old, gray Iron Man suit; eventually it will progress into more of the modern look," Favreau said. "That's the fun of doing the first one. The alcoholism doesn't come into play until later on in the story of Iron Man. [The comic] started off in the '60s, where it was about him as a successful manufacturer who developed this suit. Then, later, it spins off into that story about him fighting against himself. I think we're going to lay the groundwork for it, but the first one's going to explore him taking on this alter ego of Iron Man, and developing the suit, and what happens politically within the Stark Corporation." He also noted that it was unlikely he'd have Tom Cruise or any major star as the lead, looking for an unknown to mold.


Speaking of heavy metal, IGN's FilmForce reports that Glenn Morshower, who plays Agent Aaron Pierce on TV's "24" hinted that he is off to New Mexico to shoot a movie with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay called "Prime Directive," which is being considered as the subtitle for the film.


According to Variety, Sony Pictures Classics has struck a deal for North American rights to an in-production animated feature based on Iranian author Marjane Satrapi's autobiolgraphical graphic novels. The film -- which Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud co-penned and are co-directing -- is being created in Paris.


We got an email from Daniel Robert Epstein who noted an interview with writer Greg Rucka at Suicide Girls. "There should be an announcement about Whiteout being made in the next couple of weeks," Rucka said. "There's talk about actually filming something as early as October of this year. They have a production company and they have a very powerful producer behind it ... I'm actually not even certain which screenplay they're working off of. I believe there's going to be a new screenplay using elements of the first one that was written by the Hoeber brothers way back when."


There's new domestic and international trailers for the Nicolas Cage vehicle available at Apple Computers, while we've got screen captures of the same right here at CBR.


The studio has launched a website for the Daily Planet and even a French counterpart as well.


Comics Continuum has a brief feature about actor Ben Foster becoming Angel. Kung Fu Monkey has a video clip of the cast on the Today show with Katie Couric (which Stephen Gerdling pointed out, thanks), and Superhero Hype confirms that there's footage after the final credits roll that is worth staying put to see. Finally, Hugh Jackman talked to Sci Fi Wire about the trail of carnage his character creates in the film. "It was fantastic, and there is a good 50 [more] on the cutting room floor, trust me," Jackman said. "I was like, 'Where are all those other guys that I killed?' With those scenes, you film them at night, and you're forever slipping on gravel and whacking guys in the head. These stunt guys are tough, and one poor guy I clocked right in the eye, and he actually had this prosthetic that made his eye go like this, and I took half of the prosthetic off, and so we kind of kept filming, ... and the poor guy is on the cutting-room floor. That guy is like, 'I took a punch from Wolverine, and I'm not even in there!'"


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