Iron Man, Transformers, Heroes, Stardust: June 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Something's fishy -- on one hand, noted celebrity watcher Robin Leach reported that the Robert Downey Jr.-fueled production would be shooting at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas until Wednesday. However, director Jon Favreau posted a note in his MySpace group message board that principal photography had been completed in Vegas, and indirectly confirmed a rumor that an Oscar-winning actress might have a cameo in the movie.


Always metal upon metal -- in quotes at Sci Fi Wire, screenwriter Roberto Orci characterized the blockbuster as "'E.T.' with action." Orci said, "There's a lot of great richness in terms of, you know, Optimus Prime is a great character in any incarnation. The friendships, which are great. It's just a great idea for an approach to a movie."

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has video interviews with the cast talking about their involvement in the project.

Finally, reader Tom Williams sent in this link showing a poster for the new animated series.


Creator Tim Kring was interviewed after the big press conference we covered last week but discussing the idea of monitors in the hallways at SDCC and noting some throwaway characters that might be seen again.


Ain't It Cool News has four reviews of the Neil Gaiman adaptation: three positive ones and one negative.


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