10 Hidden Features Of Iron Man’s Armor, Revealed

By now, even someone only casually familiar with Iron Man knows about his Unibeams, Repulsor Blasts, and Rocket Boots. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. Across all mediums, Tony Stark has made more suits of armor than you can shake Groot at! Multiple armors mean a myriad of special features that Tony keeps hidden from the public eye - for the most part.

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Thankfully, we've got the inside scoop on the Iron Avenger's armory. Today, we're going to share ten secrets about Tony Stark's Iron Man suits. What does he do when he needs the bathroom while in the suit? Why does he need jet-powered roller skates? We've got the answers to all the Iron Man armor questions nobody asked!

10 Powered By Transistors (Model 1)

One of Tony Stark's most famous suits of armor is the first one he ever made - the Model 1. Bulky and crude by Tony's standards, this suit was still a technological marvel (zing) that blew everything else out of the water. However, there's one feature of this suit that Tony kept secret for years.

The Model 1 armor incorporates microscopic transistors in its design - something that sounded like pure science fiction in the world of the 1960s. Today, we use microscopic transistors to create microchips. Tony Stark, on the other hand, incorporated these bad boys in several of his early Iron Man suits.

9 Features Jet-Powered Roller Skates (Model II)

Aside from the Model 1 armor, perhaps no other suit is as synonymous with Iron Man as the Model 2. This is the first time Stark donned a red and gold outfit, as well as the first time he incorporated a slimmer design overall. It's not a stretch to say that the Model 2 armor serves as the basis for many of the suits that would come later.

It might be a stretch, however, to assume that everyone knows about this suit's most unique hidden feature - jet-powered roller skates! Back in the day, Tony tried to develop a new mode of transportation for soldiers. To test out his latest invention, he incorporated roller skates in the Model 2 armor. The rest is weird, pulpy, comic book history.

8 Covers Tony In Green Goo (Iron Tech Armor)

Skipping ahead to the Modern Age of Comics (seriously, we need a new name for that era,) we'll need to stop by the Ultimate Universe for our next entry. The year is 2000, and Marvel Comics decides to launch the Ultimate Universe. Characters are grittier, more realistic, and stay dead when they're killed in action.

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At least, that was more or less the sales pitch for Ultimate Marvel. In truth, we got all sorts of weird stuff from those books - Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's relationship and Ultimatum, just to name a few. One of the weirdest things was the Iron Tech Armor - a suit that covered its user in green insulating goo whenever they used it.

7 Tony Can Pee In It (Mark VI)

In many ways, the MCU incorporated a lot of elements from the mainstream Marvel Comics as well as the Ultimate Universe. Nick Fury resembling Samuel L Jackson comes from the Ultimate Universe, as does the Hulk's relationship to the Super Soldier Serum. That's why we're glad that the MCU didn't incorporate that green goo bit into its versions of the Iron Man suits.

What they did do, however, was include an onboard restroom in Iron Man's Mark IV suit. This one isn't anywhere near as sophisticated as, say, the Mark L, so we have no idea with the suit does with Tony's bodily wastes - and we're probably better off that way.

6 Fits In Tony's Bones (Extremis Armor)

The Model 1 and Model 2 armors maybe some of Tony's most famous suits from the Silver Age of Comics, but the Extremis armor is his definitive suit in the Modern Age. Ever since this suit first appeared in Iron Man Vol 4 #5, fans have associated it with Tony Stark in the contemporary world.

Designed by artist Adi Granov, this suit features all sorts of amazing abilities - as well as a few creepy ones. Perhaps most harrowing of all, Tony stores the undersheath for the Extremis armor in his bones! This is also the suit that Stark wore during the Civil War event, so it naturally has a negative connotation for many comic fans.

5 Can Resist Magneto's Pull (Bleeding Edge)

As amazing as the Extremis armor was, Tony had to sacrifice a bit of his humanity to make the most of it. Eventually, he realized that he wanted to keep the "Iron" separate from the "Man," and purged the suit from his body. Tony then set about creating a new suit that would serve as an evolution of his past works.

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Thus, the Bleeding Edge armor was born. Model 37 is one of the first suits to incorporate nanomachines, as well as carbon nanotubes, in its design. This allows Tony to essentially defy the laws of nature, as well as the pull of Magneto's powers! This suit is so great, it partially inspired Tony's Mark L suit in the MCU!

4 Equipped With Homing Lasers (Model 42)

No, we didn't mean to type homing missiles. Through some sort of techno-sorcery, Tony managed to outfit the Model 42 with homing laser weapons!

The funniest thing about is that the Model 42 is supposed to be a stealth suit with less powerful weapons than the average Iron Man armor. Yet, it features homing lasers - something we hope to see reappear in a later suit.

3 Capable of Hulking Out (Endo-Sym Armor)

Similar to the Extremis Armor, the Endo-Sym suit is synonymous with "evil Iron Man" in most fans' minds. Only, this time around, Tony started calling himself "Superior," which is never a good sign.

It's also not a good sign when your suit bears an uncanny resemblance to the Klyntar Symbiotes and the Incredible Hulk. You see, Tony could "Hulk out" while wearing the Endo-Sym armor, drastically increasing his strength at the cost of his self-control. A hidden feature for sure, and a scary one at that.

2 Turns Into A Car (Model 52 Hulkbuster)


Most people probably think that there's only one version of the Hulkbuster armor, brought out during Iron Man's most deadly battles. In truth, Tony's created numerous versions of this suit - most of which function like add-ons to pre-existing armors. The Model 52 Hulk Buster bucks that trend, however, as it functions independently from any other suits.

It can also transform into a flying sports car with the push of a button! Technically, that means that this suit is a Transformer - and hopefully an Autobot at that.

1 Capable of Anything (Godbuster Armor)

The Godbuster armor is one of Tony's latest and greatest suits. This suit is very new - first appearing in June 2019! Tony created it while he was trapped in a virtual world of his own making. To defeat the malevolent AI controlling the eScape, Tony invented the Model 62.

In short, the Godbuster armor (or Godkiller, if you prefer) was capable of doing anything that Tony needed it to do. When he escaped the eScape, he made a real-life replication of the Godbuster suit. But this version of the suit was so powerful, Tony destroyed it - deeming it too dangerous to ever use!

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