Iron Man's New Series Introduces Tony Stark's Biggest Idea Yet

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 by Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Today is a milestone day, as Dan Slott leaves Amazing Spider-Man after over a decade and launches his new run on Iron Man. While the writer has worked on other projects alongside his record breaking tenure on Spidey — Avengers: The Initiative, Mighty Avengers, Silver Surfer — his career at Marvel has been defined by Peter Parker.

One of the best things about Peter is that Slott kept him moving at all times; at no point in that run did he revert to anything resembling a status quo. He was a photographer, a scientist, a supervillain, an industrialist. Dan Slott understands forward momentum in superhero comics better than most.

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Now, Dan Slott has swapped the webs for repulsor rays and is starting with an Iron Man who is somewhat of a blank slate. Following his rebirth at the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ years long run on the franchise, Slott has taken Stark back-to-basics, or at least as back-to-basics as you can get with a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. To do that, he has Tony thinking bigger than he’s ever thought before, and to help him achieve that he’s established a brand new company in the heart of New York City: Welcome to Stark Unlimited.

Corporate Maneuvers

Over the years, Tony has had a number of companies to his name, starting with Stark Industries, which he inherited from his father. Tony then later changed the name to Stark International following his return from captivity and decision to no longer produce munitions. After being driven back into alcoholism by Obadiah Stane, Tony lost control of his company to his ruthless executive officer who renamed the company as Stane International, and after Stane’s death Tony used his newly reacquired wealth to start Stark Enterprises and acquired Stane International, folded it into the company and purged it of its unethical and dangerous practices.

After sacrificing himself to stop Onslaught, Tony Stark was thought dead, and his company was acquired by Japanese industrialist Kenjiro Fujikawa, who renamed the company Stark/Fujikawa. Upon his return, Tony chose to proceed with another new company which he named Stark Solutions, but was forced to dismantle it following a smear campaign by one-time friend Tiberius Stone. When another of Stone’s targets passed away, he left Tony his company and fortune in his will, allowing Tony to form Stark Enterprises. He later reacquired the assets owned by Fujikawa, allowing him to consolidate the two companies into a new Stark Enterprises.

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During his showdown with Obadiah Stane’s son Ezekiel, Tony was forced to unleash an EMP which wiped out not just his and Stane’s suits, but crippled Stark Enterprises. Pepper Potts was tasked with overseeing the liquidation of the company while Tony was on the run from Norman Osborn who wanted the list of superhero secret identities compiled through the superhuman registration act. After Osborn was ousted, Stark established a totally new company named Stark Resilient, which dedicated itself to using repulsor tech as a new green form of energy and Tony eventually stepped down, with the company’s name changing to simply Resilient.

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