Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Thor: September 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Terrence Howard talked to MTV about the forthcoming Marvel movie. "It lives up to the hype," Howard said. "My character, the potential for War Machine? That's hot. But what Robert Downey Jr. created in Tony Stark without special effects, what he's done as an actor has laid down the groundwork for 10 sequels. A modern-day comparison to what took place in 1973, when this Tony Stark character was invented, what was taking place in Vietnam and the accountability of the American people to the government and the government to the American people. We have a resurgence of that in 2007 with what's taking place, misappropriation of funds and lying to the public."


According to the Liverpool Daily Post, actress Sarah Jayne Dunn has confirmed her involvement in the Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel. "Miss Dunn confirmed she is due to film a part in the new Batman film next week," the article said, "but has been sworn to secrecy about her role."


Responding to rumors, actor Kevin McKidd is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about having discussions about playing the God of Thunder. "I didn't know about it either until I heard the rumors and I called my agent," McKidd said. "And he went, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've been talking to them about it.' But the last I heard from my agent, they're talking that they want to go for somebody much younger, a 19- or 20-year-old, for that role. So they're reconceptualizing it as we speak."


CBR News has the inside scoop on Spider-Man and giant robots.


A new fansite claims that Vancouver's Bloedel Floral Conservatory is being used for interior shots off Ozymandias' antarctic retreat.


There's new set videos over on the Superhero Hype message boards, with clips of filming on the University of Toronto campus.


If you're jonesing for a summary of what to expect from the new season, there's a brief one at TV Guide.


A new series online? You'd have to check out CBR News to see what's up with that.


if you're keen to see the world premiere, you'd better plan to spend some time in the UK -- icLanarkshire claims that writer Mark Millar wants to bring the film's debut to Coatbridge's Showcase Cinema. "It would be amazing for my family to go because it would mean they wouldnÕt need to get a taxi," Millar said


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