Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Speed Racer, Hellboy 2: August 1st Comic Reel Wrap


MTV has some info about the upcoming Marvel movie, with star Robert Downey Jr. discussing the project and fan reactions. "We showed [the Comic-Con fans] a couple minutes that pretty well outlined Tony Stark's journey to becoming Iron Man," Downey said. "There's a little bit of smartass to him going on, but you can tell that he's obviously a big weapons manufacturer. And then he goes through this ordeal and has a change of heart." More quotes from Downey along those lines can be found at Sci Fi Wire.

What's that? You didn't see the footage? Well than reader Franky De Jesus, who sent this bad boy in for us ...

As well, Marvel has posted six videos alongside photos from 'con showing off the property to eager fans.


Well ... not exactly. A rumor at Batman-on-Film is looking past movie number two onwards to a proposed third film, which would allegedly be called "Shadow of the Bat."

The production in process is still working it's way through the Windy City, and Superhero Hype has some shooting locations and times, so get your video cameras all warmed up ...

Don't get so attached to the theme you know, as Superhero Hype also reports that composer Hans Zimmer is "playing around" with it and "getting new ideas."


Producer Joel Silver is quoted at 411Mania.com talking up the film. "What [the Wachowskis] are doing on Speed Racer is truly remarkable," Silver said. "They have seen the movie in a way that only they can that you never picked up before." Thanks to Mark Brash for pointing that out.


That's Mignola-riffic! Check out the new teaser poster at Shock 'Till You Drop.


Derek McCaw sent us an email about his interview with actor Brandon Morale about angling for the role of the Big Red Cheese. "All I can say is that I'm very flattered to be considered for this part," Morale said. "Supposedly it's between me and Duane Johnson, who people know as The Rock. I say, 'here I am.' I would like to play Captain Marvel. I want the fans to voice their opinion. I want them to say we want a superhero to be a superhero."


It's official, and Superhero Hype has the press release from the studio. It starts out with some blah blah blah about a financial deal for Lionsgate but gets to the goods saying that "The transaction will encompass a broad range of future Lionsgate television and feature film productions in the Province of Quebec, including the planned October 2007 production of Lionsgate's next 'Punisher' film, starring Ray Stevenson (from HBO's hit series 'Rome') and directed by Oscar nominee Lexi Alexander."


What's up with Dean Cain on Smallville? Kryptonsite has the spoilers once again.


The Movie Blog has some set photos including a shot of a security badge which may show the logo for the new film.

Speaking of sets, the Kingston Whig-Standard reports that the movie was filming at the CFB Trenton base on Friday. "Of the major players, only Hurt and Roth are here. Neither was on the set for yesterday's initial shot. The devastation, however, is being saved for locations such as Toronto and Hamilton, where the pyrotechnics will be used. No such special effects are being shot in Trenton ... Filming is expected to last 18 weeks: 15 in Canada, two in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and one in New York." Moviegoers can get smashed on June 13, 2008.


Actor Josh Hartnett is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about working on the horror thriller. "The script as written was great," Hartnett said. "I mean, it had all the elements of a really interesting, thoughtful film about what it would be like to be stuck in a situation where you have no escape, and you're being hunted. And the idea of being hunted, not being able to just go out and kick some ass, I thought was different from most of your average action films or suspense films or horror films."


CBR News covered more from Joel SIlver at Comic-con ...


... as well as taking a good long look at the genre master.


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