Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Resurrection: April 28th Comic Reel Wrap


Everybody's asking the same question -- when will we get War Machine? -- and there's a new answer (as well as possible spoilers) from actor Terrance Howard at Superhero Hype. "He has to be willing to take off his suit as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force first," Howard said of his character Jim Rhodes, "and that is a hard thing to let go of. Tony has already let go of his billionaire suit that he wore, the money-hoarding individual, and you gotta get naked to get into that suit, and Rhodey has to get naked first."

Meanwhile, the LG tie-in site Inside The Suit has been updated with a clip fo the end credits animation and 3-D views of the various armors. You'll need to use the code "LG99" at the left panel to access these features.

Finally, CBR News has posted an early review of the film.


What's that zany Joker up to this time? The Why So Serious viral site has been updated with photos of historical figures leading to countdown clocks focused on different cities ... what does it all mean? It's about something happening today, so let's keep our eyes out ...


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal has optioned the Oni Press project from "Eli Stone" creator Marc Guggenheim and Dave Dumeer. Universal-based Scott Stuber is producing the project along with Eric Gitter of Closed on Mondays Entertainment, the producing arm of Oni Press. Guggenheim will executive produce the adaptation, as will Oni Press' Peter Schwerin.


A story in AFP notes that seven people were injured Saturday when a bus and several cars collided during filming. Video seen on the private Nova television channel showed the bus, and then other vehicles, being hit by an all-wheel-drive vehicle that appeared to have braking problems. "It happened in a closed area that was rented out to the filmmakers for the weekend," said Prague police spokeswoman Eva Brozova. All injuries were considered slight and treated in a hospital nearby. There are photos of the incident here and here.


We got an email pointing out an interview with director of photography Larry Fong, who said, "The scope of 'Watchmen' is incredible. It spans decades, countries, even planets. We had enormous sets, both on stage and outdoors, bigger than I've ever worked with before. We even built part of New York City. So that means a lot of lights and equipment and manpower. But in the end, the same rules apply: try to have interesting light, composition, movement ..."


Toon Zone notes that four new episodes will air in May -- "Reaction" (May 3), "The Uncertainty Principle" (May 10), "Persona" (May 17), and "Group Therapy" (May 31). They also have an interview with voice actress Vanessa Marshall, who plays Mary Jane. "Mary Jane's character is incredibly complex," Marshall says. "Her strength plays a major part in Peter's growth and maturation, she really keeps him on the straight and narrow. Even though our characters are still only in high school during this cartoon, and you're not going to get a lot of that character development at this point of the series, I know it's going to be there in the future and so that has an effect on how I play her now."


Ain't It Cool News has the new Angelina Jolie-centric poster.


Speaking of posters, Superhero Hype has the domestic and international promotional pieces for the manga adaptation.


Superhero Hype also has a new rumor that the sequel will be "filming at the Air Force boneyard in Arizona." Coincidentally, the Air Force Times had this to say: "The Air Force is looking for airmen to appear as extras this summer in the sequel to 2007's 'Transformers.' The production company wants to use service members as much as possible and is forming two teams. Projected dates for the Shanghai Team are June 2-4 and July 22-25. Projected dates for the Forrest Team are June 16-17, June 23, Aug. 22 and Sept. 15-16. Volunteers must be available for all the dates the team is scheduled to shoot."


Actor Luke Goss was quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about being a bad man for director pal Guillermo del Toro. "I've known Guillermo since Blade II, when I played Nomak, who had father/son issues, as my character does in this one," Goss said. "Those kinds of premises and backgrounds are rooted so deeply in human feelings: of life and death and sorrow and pain and love and betrayal. My thinking when playing a bad guy -- and the reason I think [del Toro] wants me to do them -- is because I really believe in never embracing your badness. I say, 'Embrace your vulnerabilities.' I play a prince in this [film], so I am a prince. When you have all that on your side, and you look like Nuala looks, you really have to embrace some of your pains and layer that into character. Hopefully, you end up with a villain who [is] a villain by the situation or his actions rather than one walking around twirling his mustache."


Extended trailer for this week's episode, "Apocalypse?" Check, thanks to Devoted to Smallville ...

There's also a director's cut clip on YouTube ...

Kryptonsite has a spoiler-filled network description of the season finale, "Arctic," which airs May 15th.


Actress Christina Ricci was quoted at the very busy Superhero Hype talking about what she expects in any possible sequels. "I would like her to do more action-y things because I had fun being out there. That was fun stuff," she said. "Larry and Andy created a world that they love and created characters that they loved and are attached to. When we were all leaving, we were like 'write the sequel!' 'We want to come back'. And they were like, 'I know. I know. We're going to. Don't worry'. They were as sad for it to be over as we were."


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