Iron Man, The Dark Knight, G.I. Joe: January 29th Comic Reel Wrap


IGN has exclusive video clips with director Jon Favreau and actor Robert Downey Jr. chatting up the metal minded Marvel movie.

Favreau was also interviewed by Movies Online, where he spoke in some detail about the picture. "I am used to only having dialogue story and characters to cut with. With 'Iron Man' every day is like Christmas morning a new shot comes in and we cut it into the movie ... The stuff between Robert and Gwyneth and Jeff Bridges is really great stuff. There was so much freedom in story telling because they always knew it would be about iron man and flying so i had no pressure on the scenes and had a tremendous amount of freedom to tell a story in a tone that I'm very comfortable with. In a way it was really the most creative freedom I can remember having on anything and it works. It is a very very good movie and I think peoples expectations will be met. Although it's changing now, but with superhero movies, they are expecting an experience they are not expecting quality. They have a good time without a great movie. So if you deliver a great movie on top of something that is spectacular to watch you can deliver a great experience. Because of the caliber of actors that marvel allowed me to hire its really been a lot of fun. it's a very long process. It will have been two years when it comes out in May."

Also, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Super Bowl ad will be seen on MySpace, Google and ESPN.com.


As it so often does, news of one billionaire vigilante follows another. Superhero Hype has three new images from the Bat-sequel.


The reports coming in from Variety and IESB indicate that actor Dennis Quaid has been cast as General Hawk while Arnold Vosloo has been cast as Zartan.


Superhero Hype has two new images from the Will Smith-fueled superhero comedy.


Director Lexi Alexander has again updated her website with news and photos from the reboot. "Greetings from Vancouver, BC, where we will shoot a pick up scene during the night on top of a high-rise roof at below zero temperatures," she wrote. "I don't know what it is with this film, but apparently, the price of getting it right seems to be complete torture of both the crew and cast. Ha, ha. This time, though, we all seem to be less bothered by the conditions, mainly because we look forward to seeing each other again to complete a film we are all very proud of."


The official production site has been updated with new art, including a first look at Johann Krauss.


Is this link a legit look for extras in Asgard? It's got many of the right pieces, saying, "Partially disabled medical student Dr. Donald Blake discovers his heretofore unknown alter ego, the Norse warrior, Thor."


Watch out for spoilers! Kryptonsite has the official network description of the February 14th episode "Fracture," while TV Guide has posted their synopsis of upcoming episode "Siren."


"Battlestar Galactica" actress Tricia Helfer has signed on to voice the Black Cat in the new animated series, according to her website.


According to Comics2Film, make up artist and "Wishmaster" director Robert Kurtzman returns this February with the release of his new movie based on the comic book he co-created, "Beneath the Valley of The Rage." The film stars Andrew Divoff.


United Hollywood has an interesting post referencing financial reporting of stock drops by the AMPTP member companies and ratings drops for major networks. Funnier still that the data came from AOL Money & Finance, itself a subsidiary of Time Warner.

The WGA however has given a waiver to the Grammy Awards, allowing their show to proceed with WGA writers and no picket line.

Meanwhile, there's new stories about the agony of spare time and WGA members turning to writing novels to satisfy their creative urges.

Finally, in response to allegations that shows like "A Daily Show with Jon Stewart" are actually working against the restrictions of the strike, correspondent Aasif Mandvi says a loophole was found. ÒActually, you can write. But you can't think,Ó he said. "Not many people know this, but it's just the thinking and writing at the same time that they object to. You can put pen to paper as long as there is absolutely no coherent thought. You can draw pictures, you can write words, but it can't make any sense to anyone who has a basic education."


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