Iron Man, The Dark Knight, FF2, Heroes: May 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has the new behind the scenes footage that was shown on Entertainment Tonight, including Terence Howard in a military uniform firing a huge machine gun. They also have a set report from Irvine, CA where Robert Downey, Jr. held a mock press conference, and Ain't It Cool News has a photo from Long Beach, CA where the production caused some destruction.


One billionaire follows another, as Batman-on-Film has new rumors about how the Bat gets around town, while Film Ick has a contested rumor about what happens to actor Anthony Michael Hall in the Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel.


Silver Surfer quarters? The special report here at CBR explains why that didn't go well ...

Meanwhile, enjoy four new TV spots, since we all love commercials ...

If you check out tonight's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," there will be even more shown, as well.

Finally, Comics2Film continues their set report with producer Ralph Winter showing off some sketches and models.


The season is summed up in one final behind the eclipse special presentation here at CBR.


Another new TV spot is online, and you can catch it at Superhero Hype (or you can dodge through MySpace and find it). Soundtrack.net has photos from the scoring session, and according to the the Hollywood Reporter the action film will see its world premiere at the Sicilian-based Taormina Film Festival on June 21st.


The rumor going around at Premiere magazine claims that the box office foibles of "Grindhouse" are causing problems for the Frank Miller-minded sequel. Actor Michael Madsen said, "They haven't shot it yet. I don't know if they ever will. I am not sure [about] the franchise. I think the 'Grindhouse' thing didn't kind of work out ... I don't know what effect that is going to have on making 'Sin City 2.' 'Sin City' was Mickey [Rourke]'s film. Mickey is f**king incredible in that f**king movie. He is the movie. And I am happy for Mickey. Mickey is the real deal. Mickey is Mickey. And you can't f**k with that. And he did a tremendous job in that thing. The only reason I did it was because Robert Rodriguez said that if I took that little part I would get a bigger role in the sequel, that Bob would have more to do in the sequel. So I said: 'Okay, fine.' I am sitting on an apple box [in front of a green screen] and then when you see the movie, you're in a car. I don't understand it. I don't know how to do that. I don't get it."


Superhero Hype also has the new TV spot for the Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess adaptation.


Yes, we're moving on already. Producer Grant Curtis told IF Magazine that he wants to see a certain reptillian-themed antagonist vex Peter Parker. "For me it's hard to beat the Lizard, it truly is," Curtis said. "That's just me talking. I think the Lizard has got a great story of not only personal pain but also emotional pain, and trying to mask both of those, it's a strong storyline. The Lizard has always been a favorite of mine, even before working on these movies. I've always liked Kraven The Hunter, but he'd have to be used selectively. For me though it would have to be the Lizard."


CBR talked to writer David DiGillio about the explosive new ABC series.


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