Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Dylan Dog: April 7th Comic Reel Wrap


How about some high-quality production stills, released by the studio, to start your week right? Here we go ...

There's an interesting interview (in Italian and English below) with composer Ramin Djawadi, who said, "Jon [Favreau, the director] always had a great vision of what the score should be like. We still did a great deal of experimenting, but he was always clear about a certain tone for the movie. He always kept mentioning the ideas about heavy guitars, so I wrote most of the themes on the guitar. Even though my main instrument is guitar, I usually don't write on it. When coming up with the themes I had to make sure that they work on guitar and orchestra."

CBR News also interviewed Marvel movie mogul Kevin Feige.

Did your TiVo skip the stuff shown during Friday's "Battlestar Galactica" season premiere? Here's a look at some of what you missed.

UK fans got their very own trailer, and that's now online at Superhero Hype.

There's also behind-the-scenes video of the making of the video game from GameTrailers.com.

Finally, After Audi did something similar in March, LG has launched a movie tie-in site with prizes galore.


More photos? All right, here's two looks inside Gotham City ...

There's new viral material, including a website for the Gotham Police Department's Major Crimes Unit (headed by Lt. Jim Gordon) and a QuickTime movie from the Gotham Times website, showing character Rachel Dawes supporting Harvey Dent's bid for the District Attorney office.


One movie's gain is another movie's loss, as Bloody Disgusting reports that "TMNT" helmer Kevin Monroe has ditched the Imagi Gatchaman adaptation and will instead direct the Italian comic property recently brought to the US by Dark Horse. Filming starts in Toronto this July with Brandon Routh as the lead character.


Slashfilm has an interesting compare and contrast piece showing the sets from the film next to panels from the source material.

Superhero Hype also has the first video journal from the film's production.


There's a new clip from National CineMedia's latest in-theater FirstLook presentation, found on YouTube ...


Make that check out to "Boom! Studios" -- according to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis Entertainment ("I, Robot," "Alien vs. Predator") has acquired the rights to the sci-fi property, with writer Dan DiGilio on board to adapt for the silver screen. John Davis will produce the live-action feature alongside Boom co-founders Andrew Cosby and Ross Richie via their Boom Entertainment. DiGilio will executive produce. The first three issues can be found online at MySpace Comic Books.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about upcoming episodes "Sleeper," "Apocalypse," "Quest" and "Arctic."


Producer Victor Cook sat down for an interview with IF Magazine to talk about the new animated series. "I wanted also bring a Hong Kong flair or a Hong Kong choreography to the action sequences," Cook said. "I don't mean martial arts, but I wanted it to be over the top and have that look of wirework even though there really isn't any wirework. So when Spider-Man jumps, he's not just a strong guy jumping or an Olympic gold medalist jumping, he's jumping thirty feet in the air, which is what Sam Raimi did. Some of the other past incarnations of Spider-Man it looked like he was just a stronger than normal guy, but we really wanted this to look like he had the proportional speed and strength of a spider."


Check out some new production stills over at IGN.


Australia, Canada ... now New Zealand? A report from Stuff claims that director George Miller will keep the production in the southern hemisphere after all. "If George is unsuccessful in appealing to the [Australian] government, then there's two choices -- you either scale back the movie in some substantial way or you find another place to do the movie that you can do for the budget," said producer Barrie Osborne. "He was very impressed with the work that Weta Workshop did for us on the 'Justice League' costumes ... He admires what Peter Jackson's been able to do and the way he's organised. He would love to work here and if he did have to leave Australia, New Zealand is close. Where we end up it will depend on what we can make work budget-wise."


IV Life alleges that Michael Bay may be coming to Imperial Valley, California. "Imperial County Film Commission liaison Susie Carrillo announced during Wednesday's City Council meeting that the commission was bidding to get the filming of 'Transformers 2' in the Imperial Valley," reported the site. "Carrillo said the Imperial County Film Commission would know within the next month if filming for the movie, a live-action adaptation of the widely popular 1980s cartoon, would take place locally. The film would be scheduled to begin shooting in the fall."


In saying goodbye to the thirty first century, Warner Animation notable James Tucker talked to World's Finest about the series finale. "Let's get the myths out of the way," Tucker said. "The Legion series was never tied to the 'Justice League Unlimited' episode. Supergirl was never, ever going to be in the Legion. The true origin of the series came out of Cartoon Network's desire to have a Superman-centric series to premiere when the movie 'Superman Returns' premiered. Superman as part of the Legion worked for them. So the series was originally developed for Cartoon Network, then they passed and Kids' WB! stepped in. They, too, wanted a Superman-centric series with Superman fresh out of 'Smallville,' learning to be Superman. That's the reality."


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