Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Asterix: November 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Jeff Bridges was interviewed at Moviehole and talked about working on the Robert Downey Jr.-fueled Marvel movie. "We may have some re-shoots coming up, but I finished most of it," Bridges said. "I didn't want to disappoint the guys who love those comics, and that's the part I played. So I got to shave my head for the role, which is something I've always wanted to do."


One thing you can say for the Joker is that he's comfortable with technology -- poking around would lead you to a number of viral websites from the sequel, including The Gotham Times (which has some spoilers), The Ha Ha Times, Remembering Gina, Gotham National Bank, We Are The Answer, Gotham Police, Gotham City Rail (remember the huge train tracks connecting the city from the first film?) and a personality profile at the original Joker site. You could also call 1-866-237-6480 and dial "1" to leave a message for the pale faced villain.

Empire Magazine is also getting in the act, with a little surprise from the Joker as well, where they're revealing a new look at the character one piece at a time.

Finally, the Star Online notes that actor Edison Chen was spotted on set in Hong Kong after joining the production as an antagonist.


How about ten minutes of video on the new movie? Thanks, YouTube!


More video? How about fresh looks from the shooting in Brazil?

There's set photos too.


Actor Emile Hirsch told Empire Magazine a little about how the film was made. "Nope, it's all green screen," Hirsch told us. "There were no sets, just us and the green background. I haven't seen anything of it finished yet, there was a lot of trust [in the Wachowskis] involved. It's going to be crazy. Was the monkey real? Yes."


Superhero Hype has the (SPOILER WARNING) official synopsis for the reboot.


We got an email from TV Guide noting an early look at Green Lantern from the animated series, with quotes from actor Dermot Mulroney, who gives the hero his voice.


IESB is bandying about a rumor that Maggie Q is in the running to play love interest Silver Fox in the prequel.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is allegedly getting closer to saying the word, according to quotes from About.com. "I just met with [director] Pete Segal last night," Johnson said. "We had a great meeting on 'Shazam!' and just waiting for John August to hand in another draft, which probably will be handed in months from now, after the strike. But [IÕm] very excited about that, and no, not Shazam but Black Adam. It's been made very clear, which I love as a character and I can't wait to play ... I can't get into too much detail, only because I don't know. I can tell you but I can't get into the complete mythology, like every detail because I just don't know. I haven't read the draft."


Today, the AMPTP and the WGA go back to the negotiating table, and many people feel it couldn't come sooner -- the Los Angeles Times notes that the strike costs the City of Angels more than $20 million a day as long as the struggle continues.

Last week the WGA shut down Hollywood Boulevard when other labor unions (SEIU, Teamsters, nurses and more) joined them in a Solidarity Rally, and numerous sites took a look at the goings on.

But what to do with those long hours not on the picket line? The LA Times also has an article about the possibility of scabbing and sneaking work under the radar.

A piece in Variety notes the shock of studios seeing show runners standing against them, but some are wondering if maybe the disparate online campaigning of writers helped drive the studios back to the negotiating table, as the writers were controlling the story.

Finally, if you're not busy between noon and 1:30 PM PST today, you can check out a live broadcast from WGA representatives "covering all aspects of the WGA strike" with "interviews, live reports from the various picket lines and video clips."


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