Iron Man, Superman, Ghost Rider, Smallvile: The Comic Reel Wrap for April 29th


According to Variety, the film will be pushed back to 2007 and Nick Cassavetes is still wanted as the director, but that's "not iron-clad."


Superhero Hype talked to 3D artist Mike Verta about re-imagining one of the world's most recognizable symbols for the 21st Century. "The job had fallen to Warner Bros.' internal art department to produce some logos, and since I've done so much freelance stuff for them over the years, they called and asked if I could do it up in 3D. They knew the logo was going to be shiny metal of some sort, and that would've been difficult to draw by hand, so they opted to have me produce it in CG, with accurate reflective properties and lighting. I didn't design the 'S' -- that was done by Bryan Singer and film's production design department. I was responsible for translating it into 3D. WB sent me a jpeg of the costume torso and asked me to produce several variations on the look of the material. I began by modeling it in 3D in a package called Rhino -- it was a pretty rough model, but enough for me to begin the texture and lighting work on it in Maya, while a friend of mine, Bill Tromans took the geometry to the next level. Because it was going to have reflections all over the surface, we treated it like an auto body, which meant the surfaces had to be absolutely precise in curvature continuity. It was extremely difficult, but it came out beautifully. I did several chrome versions, a glass version, 2 red and yellow metal versions,(one with a shiny surface and one with a more 'satin' finish), 2 plastic-looking ones, and a black metal version. Those were sent to Warner Bros. for some additional paint work by Jon Sparrman before being presented to Bryan."

They're also crowing about catching news in an Australian newspaper that Hugh Jackman has been confirmed as playing a young Jonathan Kent in the film.


Superhero Hype also has another spy report from the Melbourne set, complete with photos.


Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from this week's episode called "Blank."


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