Iron Man, Super Ex-Girlfriend, Spider-Man 3: April 28th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Actor-turned-director Jon Favreau will develop and direct a big-screen adaptation of the Golden Avenger's adventures.


IGN's FilmForce has a first look at the poster for the Uma Thurman-powered comedy.


Creator Paul Dini blogged a confirmation that Harley Quinn will indeed appear on the next season of the animated series, and he has written the script for her debut.


Director Guillermo del Toro is noted at Coutingdown.com talking about what's next for Mike Mignola's creation. The article states, "While it doesn't quite have the green light yet, budgeting and script revisions are currently underway, and all signs point towards pre-production beginning this summer."


Nobody can say whether it's real or a carefully Photoshopped fake, but Comic Book Movie has a look at what may be Topher Grace as Venom in a promotional poster.

UPDATED 2:51 PM PST: Eagle-eyed reader Lauren Ferrazzo noted that it is indeed a fake taken from this photo from a magazine last February. Thanks, Lauren!

In other news, Superhero Hype reports that the Cleveland shoot is being extended. There's also a video clip at Garboo showing an armored car involved in a fight between Sandman and Spider-Man.


Comics Continuum has some screen captures from "Ancient History," the penultimate episode of the animated series.


Director Brett Ratner talked to Sci Fi Wire about wrecking the Golden Gate Bridge. The megamovie moment is in the trailer, and that's ripping the [Golden Gate] Bridge out of the ground and moving it," Ratner said. "That's a mega-mega-mega-movie moment. Even I'm blown away when I see it. The pieces that it took, that we shot, to get that to workÑfrom the plates to the sky shots to the making of the bridge in miniature to CG enhancements to real elements of people runningÑit was insane. There must be 20 different elements to make one shot of the bridge look real. So as far as technology is concerned that's a major mega-moment in cinema. I'm telling you, my mouth drops when I see the final shots." There's also a spoiler, so watch out!


Kryptonsite has both high resolution trailer screen captures and preview images of next week's episode "Oracle."


There's two photos of new billboards for the Bryan Singer-helmed film over at the Blue Tights Network. Meanwhile, the British Board of Film Classification's notes that the new "Superman Returns" trailer runs 2 minutes and 27 seconds.


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