Iron Man, Storm, Deadpool & More Face Off Against Marvel's "Axis" of Evil

Last week, Marvel Comics debuted the first look at its upcoming "Axis" event, scheduled to kick off in the Fall, after the currently running "Original Sin" wraps. Written by Rick Remender, all we know about the story now is that it features some of Marvel's biggest bad guys teaming up to tackle their heroic counterparts.

Or are they?

In the image Marvel released today, the Jim Cheung-illustrated counterpoint to his first promo piece, aside from the one-to-one match-up of Thor with Loki, we instead see Storm, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Deadpool and Medusa set to square off against Green Goblin, Sabretooth, Red Skull, Deadpool and Carnage.

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With the second teaser appearing on an advertisement for ReedPOP's Special Edition NYC convention, taking place from June 14-16, it's a safe bet that more details on "Axis" will be revealed by the publisher at the show.

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