Comic Legends: Did 'Stark Wars' Become 'Armor Wars' Due to Star Wars?

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The Iron Man storyline, 'Armor Wars' was changed from 'Stark Wars' because it was too similar to Star Wars.



In the late 1980s, Bob Layton and David Michelinie did a long storyline in the pages of Iron Man (which they wrote together) about Tony Stark being aghast that people were using his armor technology to commit crimes, so he decided that he needed to scrape all armors out there based on his armor, even GOOD guys, because he couldn't trust that they wouldn't be compromised (after all, it's not like Tony went out and handed the armor tech to the bad guys, they obviously got the info from the good guys, either through theft or spec leaks or whatever).

So as you'll notice, throughout the crossover, it was continually referred to as "Stark Wars"...

But when it was collected (and this was back when trade paperback collections of storylines were quite rare, so it was a big deal to see this collected - long chaptered stories like these were relatively rare at Marvel at the time in general) it was now called Armor Wars...

A few years back, Reader GR (who actually just wrote to me with another legend recently - nice to still here from you, GR! I like when people write in suggestions) asked:

While Armor Wars sounds cool, I can't help but wonder if it was changed to ARMOR WARS as STARK WARS may have caused some legal concerns regarding George Lucas' STAR WARS.

I've seen that claim a few different places, as well. I asked Bob Layton about it, though, and he said nope, no pressure, they just thought Armor Wars sounded cooler for the collection.

Thanks to GR for the suggestion and thanks to Bob Layton for the answer!

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