Iron Man, Smallville, Fantastic Four, Transformers: November 3 Comic Reel Wrap


IGN FIlmForce has an update about who will be seen in the pending Marvel adaptation. "So what characters from the comics besides Tony can fans expect to see in the movie? IGNFF can confirm that Jim 'Rhodey' Rhodes will be in it ... While we don't know for certain what function Rhodey will serve in the story, we do know that he will work for Stark. And what of Tony's love interest? It will be none other than Bethany Cabe. In the comics, Bethany was Stark's security advisor and personal bodyguard. Tony's secretary Virginia 'Pepper' Potts was the love interest in previous drafts by Jeff Vintar and Miles Millar & Alfred Gough."


There's going to be a veritable parade of lovely women traipsing through the werirdest town in Kansas, and Kryptonsite has a look at them. First up, they have a promotional image of actress Jane Seymour in the upcoming episode "Bound." They also have some new, almost-S&M images from the magical episode "Spell."


Oh, you'd like to see more set pictures from Vancouver? Superhero Hype is seven new spy photos including a very happy-to-see-you shot of Chris Evans.

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum reports that "The Fantastic Four movie will have a little nod to the 'X-Men' franchise, it was revealed during the recent press tour of the sets in Vancouver, British Columbia. A photograph in the office of Victor von Doom shows him meeting with two dignitaries in the White House: President McKenna and William Stryker from 'X2.' Associate producer David Gorder explained that the photograph is from 'X2,' with Doom replacing Senator Kelly via Photoshop. Gorder said that using the 'X2' characters -- who, like the Fantastic Four, are licensed to 20th Century Fox -- was easier than to try to get the real president and provides a nice Easter egg for moviegoers."


"Catwoman" scribe John Rogers will be penning the script for the Hasbro adaptation, according to Variety. At press time, fans anxiously awaited confirmation from producer Don Murphy, noting that Murphy implied that the screenwriter would be a man in his twenties, which would be odd given that (according to IMDB) Rogers was a producer on "Cosby" in 1996.


According to Superman-V.com, "The working title has undergone another change. Sources tell us, 'Red Sun' is the new codename for the as yet untitled Superman project. Warner Brothers have been using various titles, including 'Superman', 'Superman Returns' and 'Unbelievable'. Some members of the production team based in Los Angeles have already packed their bags and are heading Down Under. Production Designer Guy Dyas will initiate full production this week -- perhaps as early as Wednesday. The team have planned out a fantastic Metropolis set on the Sydney backlot. This same set will be used for the sequel. We're not sure if the 'Superman' sequel will be shot before or after 'Logan's Run.'"


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