Iron Man, Smallville, Doctor Strange: August 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


According to Ain't It Cool News, Oscar-nominated actor Terence Howard ("Crash," "The Best Man") could be working with Jon Favreau shortly. "So, that's the word. Terrence Howard has been offered the role of James Rhodes in the 'IRON MAN' film," the site writes. "No guarantee he'll take it, but I think Howard is one of the most interesting actors working in the business today and his presence in the film will only make it better. Especially if we get to see Howard don a super suit in this film (or sequels) and kick some ass."


E! Online has an interesting spoiler about an upcoming episode (it seems a bit familiar) with the added wrinkle of naming the show's musical guest in question.


Who could have a problem with the lovable super pooch? The Governor of Rhode Island, or at least that's what this article in the Providence Journal says. "Governor Carcieri hasn't been too pleased with the way the crew of Disney's film 'Underdog' has essentially taken over the State House for most of the month. In particular, the governor was upset with the recent flying of the fictional Capitol City flag over the State House instead of the Rhode Island flag. 'I don't think it was appropriate at all. This is the state capitol. And the U.S. flag is up there and the state flag and that's what should be up there,' Carcieri said the other day. 'When I saw that, I said 'take it down and put the Rhode Island flag up.' That's why it's back up. That shouldn't have happened.'"


Another wake up call for our good friend Neilalien -- Comics Continuum snagged screen captures of the first look at Wong's boss on his pending direct-to-DVD feature.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Sony Pictures Television is becoming the first major television studio to enter the direct-to-DVD market for series ... the first project under the Culver Entertainment banner will be a new animated 'Spider-Man' series. The first 13 half-hour episodes of the show are expected to be released next year."


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