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Iron Man, Sin City, Painkiller Jane, Fantastic Four 2: October 24th Comic Reek Wrap

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Iron Man, Sin City, Painkiller Jane, Fantastic Four 2: October 24th Comic Reek Wrap


According to Variety (subscription required), “Marvel superhero ‘Iron Man’ looks likely to revert back to the comicbook publisher after more than two years of fruitless development.”


Also in Variety, Marv and is noirish friends could be headed to your living room. “Also in the works are a [series] based on Dimension Films’ ‘Sin City’ — which would follow in the footsteps of 2006’s second pic in Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Sin’ series — and a [series] based on the Miramax title ‘Rounders,’ capitalizing on the current craze for poker playing.” The show would be produced by The Weinstein Co. (the former heads of Miramax).


Superhero Hype has a note about press events for “Saw II,” where one of their scoopers caught up to actress Emmanuelle Vaugier, who talked about playing the Event Comics anti-heroine. “She’s kind of like an ‘Alias’ meets ‘G.I. Jane’ with a little bit of superpowers infused into her life,” Vaugier said. “She was an ordinary girl in the military who was in the top of her game, and she was exposed to biochemical weaponry that changed her genetic make-up, so she has the ability to heal herself. Through the course of the pilot, she’s trying to figure out who’s done this to her and how it’s affecting her body. At the same time, there’s obviously the bad guys trying to find her and duplicate what they’ve done because it’s never worked before. She was kind of a scientific experiment that was surprisingly successful.” There are some changes from the original concept. Vaugier said, “They didn’t have me in bandages. I sort of have a signature jacket that I wear once I transform into Painkiller Jane, and the signature red spikey hair. It was kind of fun, but the network had a problem with me wearing eye protection during my opening sequence with machine guns and bullets flying everywhere. They’re like ‘We wanna see her face!’ and I’m like ‘But you want me not blind. See not blind is the key here, because then you can have a series.’ We won that battle.”

Comics Continuum has some photos from the production and the network description.


Reed and the gang are in for more than meets the eye — Box Office Mojo is reporting that 20th Century Fox is looking to release the next film on July 4th 2007, a date which is also being looked at for the debut of a little independent film called “Transformers” with some new talents like Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg involved.


The latest video blog from the set is now available at the Blue Tights Network, showing off the madness of a huge watery sequence of filming.


According to Latino Review, “Twentieth Century Fox are in talks with Johnny McTiernan to do a new ‘Predator’ film — not a sequel, not a remake, not a prequel; more of a restart. There’s talk — based on a treatment that’s floating around the traps — that it might fix on Dutch’s (the guy from the first film, Arnie played) grown-up commando kid. John Cena’s (one of Vince McMahon’s kids) name has been branded about for the lead — but it’s early days. ”


Producer Joel Silver talked to Zap2It about the next two adaptations he’s riding herd on. As for the first, he was mostly hyping the project: “The movie is remarkable,” Silver said. “They [the Wachowskis] produced it with me. James directed it, he got great performances, but it’s their vision. They designed the movie. It’s a really incredible movie. People are really gonna be blown away by it. It’s big.”

As for the pride of the Amazons, the movie remains unwritten. “Joss Whedon’s writing the script and he’s really into it,” Silver said. “He’s had his hands full with ‘Serenity’ and now it’s out. He’s into it. He thinks he can do something really great and when he has a script that we all like, we’ll try to make the movie.” He did offer a casting tease, saying, “She’s young in the movie. I don’t know if it’s gonna be somebody that we’ve heard of, but it might be.”


Last but certainly not least, Kryptonsite has a bunch of news, including network descriptions for upcoming episodes “Solitude,” “Splinter,” and “Exposed, as well as promotional images for “Splinter” and “Exposed.”


Breaking karaoke world records is exhausting, y’all. Anyway, here’s where you get in on the action. Did you see a link we didn’t catch? Have you snuck into a closed movie set, and have inside data? Maybe your cousin is dating somebody who knows something, and they had to tell you? Whatever it is, we wanna know it all — fire off an email and let us know whether you want your name used or your contributions to geekdom to go down anonymously. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is novelist/reviewer/karaoke host/all-around lunatic Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, and [tagline sent back to development hell until something hipper can be dreamed up].

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