Iron Man, Secrets of the Seven Sounds, Transformers, Blade: October 10th Comic Reel Wrap


Variety (subscription required) is reporting that Academy Award nominated actor Terence Howard is confirmed to play Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in the big screen adaptation.


Virgin Comics has landed their first movie deal, co-producing an animated film based on the Indian myth of Ramayana. The film will also be produced by Kahani World, Inc.


Anxious for more images of the emerald archer? Kryptonsite is on the case, with fresh scans from TV Guide.


Ain't It Cool News has a new action-packed set photo from the Motor City shoot.


Wow ... according to IMDB, Jessica Jones got a lot more ethnic.


Director Christopher Nolan is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about his choice for the Clown Prince of Crime. He's just exactly the kind of energy I needed for the character," Nolan said. "Everything about the risks that that performer is willing to take are the things I need for somebody to take on that iconic figure. It's going to be a huge challenge for us to create it, and he's exactly the guy you want to be in the trenches with."


Has the fat vampire really sang the last notes for the live action series? Actor Neil Jackson wrote the following on his MySpace blog: "I am sorry to say that SPIKE have not commisioned 'Blade: The Series' for a second season. NEW LINE are still behind the show and are currently shopping for a new home, so things may start a fresh elsewhere."


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