Iron Man, Sandman, Hellboy, Heroes: February 6th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Big Lebowski" veteran Jeff Bridges will be joining Gwyneth Paltrow, Terence Howard and Robert Downey Jr. in the Jon Favreau directed Marvel adaptation. "Bridges will portray a confidant and close business associate of Stark, a longtime employee at defense contractor Stark Industries who plays a major role in shaping Stark's life."


Director Joel Schumacher told IESB that he would like a go at directing an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Vertigo works. Seriously.


Right here at CBR we've got a feature with Tad Stones, the mastermind behind "Hellboy: Sword of Storms." Stones is also interviewed at Quick Stop Entertainment, where he talked about some of the challenge in dealing with certain characters. "I just love writing him in interactions. I love writing between him and Kate Corrigan. So it's less about any specific character, it's about what story we'd come up with. Certainly Lobster Johnson is always talked about ... Lobster Johnson is a lot stranger than fans realize. And they may not realize that until the second Lobster Johnson miniseries. Mike [Mignola] is quite the storyteller and part of his creative process is telling people stories he wants to do. Because it just helps him -- when he says it out loud he comes up with more ideas, and it's like, 'Yeah, yeah ...' That's just part of his process. So, I will never have another unspoiled Hellboy story. The things he told me -- it's like, 'That's incredible. That's weird! Yeah, I want to see that!'"


If you check out a set of new promotional images we've posted from the episode "Unexpected," you can catch glimpses of Stan "The Man" Lee guest starring. Director Greg Beeman has updated his blog with a break down of last night's episode "DIstractions." Finally, Herosite has screen captures for the trailer for next week's episode, "Run."


Actress Eva Mendes was interviewed by Dark Horizons where she talked about some of the laughter on set, especially around transformation scenes. "I think [Nicolas Cage]'s so into what he's doing. He's such a professional. That was kind of funny to me because I'm like I know this is going to look amazing, but there's no bike. This is weird, but I just had to grow up and that's where I just become really silly. The thing that I would do is I would start laughing and me and Nicolas called it 'giggleromma.' We would go into giggleromma mode and I just couldn't stop. You remember that moment when you're in church or something. Any moment where you have to be serious and quiet. He's talking to me as Ghost Rider and it would be funny sometimes. I would let it go and he would start laughing."

Meanwhile, composer Christopher Young is discussed at Monsters and Critics. "What is unique," Young said, "is that unlike Superman, Spiderman or Batman, who are super heroes that do their work in the city, here we're talking about a character that rides around on a motorcycle. So the location had to be worked in to the score, and it had to have gothic in it because it's just a very dark storyline."


Producer Al Gough was interviewed by IF Magazine, and he talked about what we could expect for the remainder of the season. Sort of. "What youÕre going to see is a convergence of the JUSTICE LEAGUE, the 33.1 story and the Phantom Zone," Gough said. "All those sort of storylines will start to come together toward the end of the season."

Finally, Kryptonsite has a new image gallery of production stills from the February 15th episode, "Freak." They also have fresh spoilers for the March 22nd episode, "Combat," as well as the title for an episode after that.


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