'Iron Man' robber defeated by a fan-wielding store owner

These are tough times for Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy/inventor/superhero: Despite all of that wealth, fame and technology, he's fallen so far that he's turned to robbing a convenience story. Or at least he tried to rob one.

Police in Aberdeen, Scotland, say a man wearing a blue hoodie and Iron Man mask and wielding a knife entered a convenience store Tuesday night and demanded the owner empty the cash register. However, this Golden Avenger wasn't prepared to be confronted by his greatest enemy -- not Iron Monger or The Mandarin, but a fan.

"I saw him coming through the door with the knife and my instincts just took over," store owner Sivakumar Thangavelautham told the Evening Express. “I picked up the fan and started to hit him with it.”

"He didn’t like that and just took off out of the shop," Thangavelautham added to Yahoo! News. "I have never had trouble like this before, and I have never seen a robber like that in my life. For a robber, he was hopeless."

Police are seeking help in identifying or locating the would-be robber. We suggest they start their search at Stark Tower.

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