Iron Man, Painkiller Jane, Transformers, Barbarella: April 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Remember that clunky, gunmetal gray armor Tony Stark rolled around in for, like, twelve seconds when he first got started? Well, Mark Kandel was the first to email us about the first look at how that Mark One armor will be depicted on the big screen, courtesy of Superhero Hype. Mmm, hydraulic ...

Also, Variety reports that Bill Smitrovich ("Without a Trace") has been cast in the Jon Favreau-helmed Marvel adaptation in an unmentioned role.


We've got an interview with actress Kristanna Loken, who portrays the title character in this weekend's new Sci-Fi Network series, right here at CBR.


You've got questions? Michael Bay will answer them on a Q&A, which happens at Yahoo! Movies.

Tom Williams wrote in to point out another close up for Bumblebee.


Also from Variety, producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis have completed a rights deal that will allow them to reinvent "Barbarella," and the producers have set "Casino Royale" scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to pen the script. De Laurentiis recently completed a film rights acquisition deal with Julien Forest, the son of Jean-Claude Forest, author of the French comicbook series on which the film was based. Deal, made with Hollywood Comics principal Jean-Marc Lofficier and French agent Laurie Roy, calls for the reissue of the first two Barbarella books in concert with the feature, along with the publication of material that previously hadn't been translated into English.


Screenwriter Kurt Sutter is quoted at Advanced Dark talking about working on the bullet-riddled sequel. "I'm a huge fan of the character. Frank Castle is a complex, tortured badass. i had a blast writing the script. working with good producers (Gail Ann Hurd, Ari Arad) and smart studio execs (John Sacchi) made it an enjoyable gig."


How about some Tony Millionaire goodness, all digitized and ready for you? Revver has a clip for your intoxicated amusement.


Chicago Actor has posted a casting call notice for three body typed "movement actors" to start filming in Toronto this June.

There's a bit in a PDF from the Toronto Film and Television Office talking a bit more about locations. "Jim Van Wyck, the Executive Producer of 'The Incredible Hulk' met with Rhonda Silverstone and the staff of the TFTO to discuss locations for his upcoming feature film. He showed staff the storyboards and everyone had the opportunity to suggest locations and ask questions. Jim commented on his great experience in Toronto while working on '16 Blocks' and stated he looks forward to working here again."


According to Herosite's spoilers page, the name of the April 30th episode has been changed from "String Theory" to "Five Years Gone."


Cinema Blend has a rumor that "Third Rock From The Sun" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is primed to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in a fourth film from the studio. Meanwhile, Movie List has posted the third full trailer from the web spinning sequel, while producer Grant Curtis has a new video blog at the Comcast site promoting the film, plus you can see expanded footage of Peter and Harry fighting.


Reel Chicago notes that filming starts this month in the Windy City and will continue through September ... so Wizard World Rosemont attendees, make sure to keep your digital cameras handy!


Ghost House Pictures has posted a new behind-the-scenes clip showing the last day of filming on the Sam Raimi-produced horror film.


Bloody Disgusting has some casting scuttlebutt placing erstwhile Kingpin Michael Clarke Duncan in the role of Vlad. Thanks to Tim Seeley for the heads up on that one.


Devoted to Smallville urged British Columbian residents not to panic yesterday when they heard a large explosion yesterday, which was just the show's crew working on the season finale. Apparently, a notice has appeared in local media, telling everyone to remain calm. Which shouldn't be hard, seeing as there's no such thing as Canadia ...


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