Iron Man, Painkiller Jane, Legion of Super-Heroes, Incredible Hulk: May 4th Comic Reel Wrap


Clank! Clank! Clank! That's the sound of a stunt man walking around in the Stan Winston-designed armor and IESB has video footage of it. Fantastic!

As well the official Air Force web site has a story detailing filming at California's Edwards Air Force base. "During the last day of shooting here, 'Rhodie' [sic] led a group of about 20 Air Force 'pilots' -- all active-duty airmen and Marines who auditioned to be extras -- through the base's Hangar 1820. The group paused between a sleek F-22 Raptor and a bulb-nosed Global Hawk, both dramatically lit by light balloons suspended above, as Mr. Stark approached Rhodie for a heated discussion. The group rehearsed the scenario again and again as crews operating three separate cameras tested their shots and ensured the lighting was perfect. When the call went out, 'Picture up!' and filming began, Mr. Favreau and his assistant producers watched from their director's chairs. Finally, after hours of set-up, practice and eight takes, Mr. Favreau called it a wrap."


Co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti has launched an official blog about the Sci Fi Network series.


The Superman Homepage has an interview with voice actor Yuri Lowenthal, who plays the role of the young Superman on the animated series, who discussed the season finale. "I think I can safely say that (provided WB suits or network censors didn't get their mitts on our show) both diehard LoSH fans will see something that they would not have expected on a Kids' WB Saturday morning cartoon," Lowenthal said, "and hopefully everyone watching will get chills down their spine. It may be a first for Saturday morning TV. I'll be sitting in front of the TV in my footie pajamas."


Who's gonna play Betty Ross opposite Edward Norton's Bruce Banner? CBR knows. As well, screen writer Zak Penn told Worst Previews that the villain for the film will not exactly be what fans might expect. "The villain is going to be this character from the comics, the Abomination, who will not be called the Abomination out loud in the film because it's a silly, silly name," Penn said. "It just is; it's so hard to work in. 'Hey, what should we call that guy?' 'He's an abomination!'" Penn also confirmed earlier information that the new Hulk will not be all CGI. "Marvel will release casting when it happens. I don't even actually know right now. I'm sure it will come out soon ... but one of the things we talked about with the effects people, who had done 'X3' as well, is that when this guy transforms, he's not used to having these properties. Like he's much heavier, and we talked about how when he walks down the sidewalk, his weight destroys the sidewalk and he's tripping. [It's all about] the humanization of these kinds of superhero characters, showing the effects physics may actually have on [them]."


Screenwriter Zak Penn also talked to IGN about working on the team-up film for Marvel. "To me, the thing I loved as a kid was the way [of] the Marvel universe," says Penn. "The thing that was inspiring to me, and I do think there's a correlative with Greek Mythology, was the way it was not just a comic book or a story, but it was a whole universe that existed. And as a kid you could imagine, 'Oh, all these superheroes are out there and they all live in this same world and when one of them needs help the other one goes to do it.' It was a whole universe that existed. And now that Marvel actually owns all these properties, one of the things that convinced me to come and be a part of The Hulk, and I'm supposed to write an Avengers movie actually, is the idea of helping them create a cinematic universe not unlike what they've done with Star Trek or the Star Wars movies to a lesser extent, where this is the universe that exists and you can tell stories in any part of that universe. Captain Picard can show up in a movie with Captain Kirk. Wouldn't it be great if you could get into that [with Marvel]?"


If you check out the network's video hub you can find a "director's cut" clip of the new episode "Prototype." Their CW Source site also has a video interview with actor Michael Rosenbaum.


CBR has posted a spoiler-ish review of the web-spinning sequel, and also has an interview with actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

You can find two new TV spots at Comingsoon.net and the official blog has been updated with new clips as well. "Spider-Man 3" debuts in theatres today.


Sticking with Peter Parker for a moment, producer Bob Richardson was interviewed by Toon Zone about the latest iteration of ol' Web Head. "In the very beginning we were looking at the possibility of creating a CGI New York, but that proved to be an impossible task for our situation, so we created extensive designs of the city based on existing maps, photos, drawings, etc. We created key areas in the city that would work for our stories, such as the Kingpin's lair in the Chrysler building or Norman Osborn's industrial plant near the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge. Since New York is a well known city, we tried to keep a sense of exactly where things took place in the city, so that it would seem as realistic as possible. Vladimir Spasojevic (mentioned earlier) was the head of the background layout team. Vlad was a live-action production designer with a background in architecture, who could take the Chrysler building and open the side of it like a big giant door and keep it looking plausible. Even though we had some very talented artists working with Vlad, I credit him with pushing the layout team to achieve the kind of exaggerated, but believable realism that I was looking for in the series."


Superhero Hype is claiming that this photo of Norrin Radd is new, but it could be a re-interpretation of earlier material. Who can say?


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