Iron Man Murderously Beheads Thanos In Gruesome Infinity War Fan Art

When Avengers 4 hits theaters, no matter how impressive and logical Thanos's motivations have been, he's a villain we inevitably want to see taken down. Well, Instagram user ultraraw26 has given us just that, albeit in gory fashion, with a piece of fan art showcasing his fall from grace.

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The digital artist posted his rendering of Thanos' defeat online, depicting Iron Man beheading Thanos. We're not sure how he does it, but Tony Stark's armored up in victory, holding the head of the Mad Titian in a scene that's admittedly more fit for the darker DC filmverse than what Marvel Studios churns out.

It's quite poetic though, because in Avengers: Infinity War Thanos taunted Thor in the movie's climax by saying, "You should have gone for the head." This was after Thor threw his Stormbreaker axe into the warlord's chest in Wakanda, preferring not to smash it into his skull, all so he could gloat about avenging his dead Asgardians. That of course was a mistake, leading to Thanos' lethal snap.

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Well, it seems Iron Man decided to make sure he didn't repeat that mistake, taking up Thanos' advice here in order to secure the win for his team. This comes on the heels of the artist also posting artwork depicting Brie Larson's Captain Marvel punching Thanos through his chest, the dead Avengers trapped in the soul world, and a plethora of fan art showing other dead members of Earth's Mightiest heroes.

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