Comic Legends: The Mystery Identity of Iron Man's Foe, Madame Masque

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Tony Stark's girlfriend, Rae LaCoste, was going to be revealed as the new Madame Masque.



For many years, Madame Masque was one of Iron Man's more intriguing foes, as Tony Stark and Whitney Frost had a relationship before she fully became Madame Masque, head of a criminal organization.

Anyhow, time passed and she had not appeared in an Iron Man comic for a while when she was seemingly killed off in "Iron Man" #238 (by David Michelinie, Bob Layton and Jackson Guice)...

In "Iron Man" #245 (after Tony had been shot and he was getting used to being paralyzed), Tony called up "Whitney"...

it is important to see who he then met with, his girlfriend, Rae LaCoste...

Tony had met her almost two years earlier, soon after Michelinie and Layton had returned to their duties as the writers on "Iron Man," where they had Tony meet her AND get a sweet perm all at the same time...

However, after saving her from AIM in #247...

Iron Man then didn't see Madame Masque again for the rest of Michelinie and Layton's return run, as they were soon replaced by Johns Byrne and Romita Jr as the new creative team on "Iron Man." So they never got a chance to reveal who Madame Masque really was, so I'll say it right now - yep, she was secretly Rae LaCoste! I asked Bob Layton about it, and he confirmed that. He also let me in on another secret about Rae LaCoste that I think I'll wait to share until a future CBLR!

Kurt Busiek later explained in the pages of "Avengers" that basically they were all clones of Whitney Frost (the new Madame Masque and the one that the new Madame Masque shot and killed and "replaced"), and Frost went back to being the only Madame Masque in town.

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