Iron Man, Leading Man, Wonder Woman: August 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of strange machine that'd let you hear things from the future? Like, what if you could hear the voices from next season's episodes, but right now? That would be cool. What? There's a machine like that already? The computer you're using right now is that very machine? And by checking out this thread at the Legions of Gotham message boards, you can do just what's described above? Well ... this truly is an age of wonders, n'est ce pas?


While we're on the subject of hyper-violent costumed billionaires, CBR snagged a one-on-one interview with director Jon Favreau.


Working on a theme here, aren't we? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to the comic book "The Leading Man" (written by B. Clay Moore and illustrated by Jeremy Haun) from Oni Press. Marc Platt will produce through his Marc Platt Productions along with Eric Gitter via his Closed on Mondays Entertainment, which has a partnership with Oni Press. Just to blow your wig completely off, the first issue hit the stands July 13th. How 'bout them apples?


Producer Joel Silver was quoted at MTV.com talking about when we might get some news on the project. "Joss Whedon is writing it, and hopefully this year will be the year that we get the script we like, and then next year we can be [at Comic-Con] talking about it," Silver said. Uh huh.


Being up in the daylight is screwy, and it's made your intrepid Comic Reel reporter loopy from the bus fumes that's why reviews will be late. But who cares about that right now? Here's where you get in on the action. Did you see a link we didn't catch? Have you snuck into a closed movie set, and have inside data? Maybe your cousin is dating somebody who knows something, and they had to tell you? Whatever it is, we wanna know it all -- fire off an email and let us know whether you want your name used or your contributions to geekdom to go down anonymously. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is novelist/karaoke host/all-around lunatic Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, and [tagline sent back to development hell until something hipper can be dreamed up].

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