Iron Man, Heroes, Dragonball Z: November 21st Comic Reel Wrap


A report at MTV has the details on rapper Ghostface Killah making an appearance in the Marvel movie. "I jumped in there for maybe 12 or 16 bars, nothing too major," Ghostface (born Dennis Coles, now Abdul Raheem) said. "It was a good look for the kid because Robert Downey Jr. recognized me as soon as I seen him. He was like, 'Yo, Tony!' ... For him to recognize me, I was kinda surprised by that. I didn't know he even knew about the kid. We called each other Tony onscreen. I'm like, 'Tony Stark, I got your jet, I didn't mess it up.' He was like, 'I got the Bentley for you, I laced it up.' I had two girls with me, I was like, 'That's you [pointing toward the girls].' I sent two birds at him. It was a wrap for that scene. He's a cool dude and funny. Big up to Robert Downey Jr."


Didn't get a good enough look at this week's episode "Cautionary Tales?" Well, Herosite has hundreds of screen captures from the episode, so go nuts.


Cinema Blend has casting sides for characters needing actors in the upcoming adaptation, including "Chi Chi" and "Agundes."


Cinema Blend also had rumors and studio denials of delays on the Hugh Jackman-fueled spin off.


A note over at this blog combs through French translations for news on the comic-to-game-to-film project.


Director Julie Taymor told The Daily Mail that she is eyeing Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood for the two leads. "There, I've said it. Now I have to go through a web to get them," Taymor said. "Jim's certainly interested, but his film career has taken off, so I have to nab him between movies. Same with Evan. They'd be my ideal pairing, though, if they're free."


Yes, the Hollywood Reporter is talking about Nicolas Cage, Tracy Morgan, Steve Buscemi, Will Arnett and others being cast in the film. No, they do not mean "Battle of the Planets," also known as "Gatchaman." Calm down.


Take a load off, Sally -- according to the official website picketers are taking the weekend off, starting today. Good, it was a bit nippy hanging out with Tim Kring, Masi Oka and Jimmy Jean-Louis at the rally yesterday ... and what was up with the guy and the gold painted keyboard around his neck?

With the negotiations due to restart on Monday, the studios and networks have been sending out a memo that goes a little something like this to their employees. They may have to put some pep in their step, since media buyers are almost ready to tell the AMPTP renegotiate the upfronts (advertising costs paid in advance for months ahead) or refund the money. Which, of course, they'd hate.

Variety is reporting that this strike is following the path of the '88 strike fairly closely.


We'll be back on Monday. Apparently there's some sort of holiday that people celebrate this weekend. If you do, enjoy.

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