Iron Man, Hellboy 2, The Dark Knight, Speed Racer: March 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


The first shots of actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey, Jr. as Pepper Potts and Tony Stark have been posted at Just Jared, including a passionate kiss being filmed.


A report at IESB claims that actor Luke Goss has signed on for an as-yet-unspecified role in the sequel.


Actor Heath Ledger was interviewed by MSNBC, who's gearing up to get crazy. "I've been bouncing around like a lunatic for four months," Ledger said. "I definitely have a different take on him, but I've yet to do a proper makeup run. It's on the agenda."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actors Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are in negotiations to play the parents of Emile Hirsch in the Larry and Andy Wachowski adaptation. The article said, "Casting is under way for the characters of Speed's girlfriend, Trixie, and his mysterious archrival, Racer X. The plan is for the Wachowskis, who are writing and directing, to shoot the Warner Bros. film in Germany in the summer for a summer 2008 release." Doesn't look good for Vince Vaughn ...


IGN has two new videos showing some of Optimus' transformation as well as Frenzy, Starscream and Bumblebee in action. You can also download the TV ads from links at director Michael Bay's website.


Herosite has the official network descriptions for the next new episodes, ".07%" (April 23rd) and "String Theory".


Kryptonsite has the official network description for the April 19th episode, "Progeny."

A note at Sci Fi Wire claims that the series is heading for a cliff with little signs of slowing down. "That's going to come to a head," producer Steven DeKnight said of the Lana pregnancy storyline. "It won't be resolved, but twist and turns will be revealed. ... Definitely. The triangle [of Clark, Lex and Lana] will definitely become more pointed on all corners. Cross my fingers, the end of the season looks pretty damn exciting." As for her husband Lex, DeKnight said, "an old venture comes to fruition in [a] catastrophic way. It's the culmination of years' worth of planning. No cities are going to burn, but [the characters] will definitely be in trouble."


The New York Daily News has a story talking about shooting the New York City skyline as if it were a character in the film. "On one hand, New York is a battleground, and on the other, it's a stadium full of fans," said producer Avi Arad. "Peter comes from Queens, and lives in a tiny apartment in Manhattan. Yet anonymity gives him the chance to be heroic."

"We didn't want to just photograph the city and put Spider-Man in it, because the realistic images would sort of 'spit out' the CG character," said director Sam Raimi. "So I tried to find those buildings that were magical and make the whole city nothing but those -- like the Chrysler Building, with its majesty, or the Empire State Building, with its dream of tomorrow, and all the great tiles in the subways, all the beautiful brownstones."

Actress Kirsten Dunst told the Hollywood Reporter that she might be willing to sign on for another movie after all. "I weigh in with Sam [Raimi]," Dunst said. "And Tobey would do it as well. If Sam and I were doing it? Yeah, of course. We're definitely a team at this point."


At long last, it's the long-awaited anticipated Official Comic Reel Drinking Game -- enjoy at your own risk.

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