Iron Man, Hellboy 2, Blade, Smallville: September 29th Comic Reel Wrap


No need to prevaricate, so let's get down to business: actor Robert Downey Jr. will play Tony Stark in the Jon Favreau-directed big screen adaptation of Marvel's Iron Man. Who says so? Well, Ain't It Cool News let the news slip Thursday night, and trades like Variety confirmed it, as did Favreau in his MySpace group. "I am about as excited as I can be," Favreau wrote. "I saw what he can do and he is extremely enthusiastic about playing Stark. I can say with absolute certainty that there is no better choice. The humor and emotional dimension he brings truly raises the bar on this project. Get ready."


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from director Guillermo del Toro about plans for the sequel. "The idea is, in a strange way, not very different from 'Pan's Labyrinth,'" del Toro said. "It's a clash between the real world and the fantasy world, you know? And how the world of humans is destroying, eroding, imagination." What else can be expected? ""We're bringing in Johann Kraus, the ectoplasmic agent from the comics ... There will be killer robots, period. Gorilla-sized, but not gorillas." Shooting begins in April on sets in Budapest.


Stick a stake in it -- according to quotes from actress Jill Wagner at THEOcracy, (taken from a bulletin posting from her alleged MySpace account) the show has been cancelled by Spike TV. "I was just informed today that there will be NO 2nd season of Blade the Series. I really enjoyed playing Krista and I hope that i did her justice at least for one season!"


The battling websites are back at it, as Devoted to Smallville posts a Windows Media version of the trailer for next week's episode "Sneeze," while Kryptonsite has screen captures of the same. Devoted to Smallville has production stills from episodes, while Kryptonsite has a image gallery of promotional images of new emerald archer Justin Hartley. Apart from the fray, Starry Constellation Magazine has an interview with Hartley as well.


Speaking of interviews, Comics Continuum has a brief one with voice actor Shawn Harrison, who plays Timber Wolf on the animated series.


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