Iron Man, Dark Knight, G.I. Joe: August 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Comingsoon.net interviewed actor Terrence Howard about the possibility of other armored personalities appearing. "Ummmm, War Machine is a very intricate aspect of the future franchise of this thing," Howard said, "but this movie is centered more around the creation of Tony Stark turning into Iron Man ... we start getting into it."


The word, once again, is "debunked" -- CBR News received an email from Ryan Hoffman, who pointed out this story at Mania.com letting the air out of the alleged spoiler we posted Wednesday.


According to ICv2, the Hasbro adaptation has signed screenwriter Stuart Beattie to pen the script.


IESB is bursting at the seams with two fresh sets of rumors about the big team up picture, including a possible set of antagonists from Mark Waid's run, what "bwa-ha-ha" era character could show up and even an alleged plot summary. But these are all unsubstantiated rumors, so don't get all worked up about them.


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