Iron Man becomes a 'diabetes hero' in 'Early Warnings'

Iron Man is one busy superhero. After teaming last month with pint-sized heroes Blue Ear and Sapheara to educate about hearing loss and cochlear implants, the Armored Avenger is now turning his attention to childhood diabetes.

Siemens Healthcare and Marvel Custom Solutions have partnered for Iron Man: Early Warnings, an eight-page comic in which Daisy and her elementary-school classmates visit Stark Industries, where Tony Stark unveils the prototype for his newest invention: the Heath-Y-Meter, a device that glows brightest when the wearer's body is at its healthiest.

However, just as the monitor suggests something may be wrong with the always-thirsty Daisy, Stark Industry is attacked by wealthy ecological terrorist Ray Mantis and his henchman Aqueduct.

Created by David Liss, Kev Sharpe, Walden Wong and Chris Sotomayor, the comic is part of Siemens' "Become a Diabetes Hero" limited-edition information kit, which also includes coloring pages for young patients, an information pamphlet and a program poster for display in physicians' exam rooms. Early Warnings can also be read on Marvel.com.

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