Iron Man, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider, Elektra: October 28th Comic Reel Wrap


From "Dr. Vegas" to Tony Stark? According to IESB, "a scooper who has been working as an extra on the Fantastic Four set claims that Rob Lowe's name has been mentioned when Iron Man is being discussed. ' "Did you know that they're doing IRON MAN next? Same producer. He's been talking about it in heaps. We overheard Rob Lowe's name a couple of times. He might be under consideration. Not much of a star though? One of the producers, Kevin, has been coming and going from the set because of meetings on it [Iron Man] with the studio.'"


The Batmobile was the focus of an in-depth article in Rolling Stone, and Superhero Hype was kind enough to post a scan of it. Meanwhile, JoBlo.com has a new photo of Christian Bale in the Batsuit, guaranteed nipple-free.


More details arrived about the Mark Steven Johnson-helmed Marvel adaptation, also from our pals at Superhero Hype. A scooper wrote in, "I just attended an information session on the Ghost Rider film being shot in Melbourne Australia in January 2005. The session was held at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and featured writer/director Mark Steven Johnson and producers Bennett Walsh and Gary Foster. Amongst topics discussed were the long development process that the film had undergone, which was relatively fast tracked once Mark Steven Johnson came aboard the project and offered his take on the story. LA based company Imageworks was confirmed as the effects house for the production and the casting of Nic Cage was effectively confirmed, although apparently no official announcements have been made. Johnson stated that he will be keeping as faithful to the comic book concepts as possible, while trying to make the concept of a demonic character fighting evil more plausible within the logic of his story. To this end, he is approaching the Ghost Rider as a 'Bounty hunter for the Devil,' and he described the feel of the film as a modern day western with supernatural elements. The story will feature the Johnny Blaze version of the Ghost Rider and will also feature Mephistopholes and Blackheart as villians, and was described as a 'faustian' tale. It was confirmed that CG effects will be used for the Rider character (no surprise given the flaming skull). Costume-wise the look of the Rider will continue to develop over the course of the movie, so we'll get to see him in stunt-rider gear as well as the chains and spike look from the 90's comics version. The film will start filming in Melbourne on January 31 in locations around Melbourne and Broken Hill -- including a stadium shoot -- quite probably for one of Johnny Blaze's stunt shows. An 80 day shoot is planned."


Latino Review, "rumor now has it that they've got their eye on one star. Albus Dumbledore himself, Michael Gambon may be our new Jor-El."

Speaking of rumor mongering, this just in from Superman-V.com: "Brandon Routh has signed a 3 picture deal with Warner Brothers. This will involve at least 2 Superman films with a Batman/Superman film possibly being the third."


Costume designs, still photos and sketches from the upcoming Wesley Snipes-fueled vampire sequel ... Yahoo! Movies has it all. The film hits theatres December 8th.


Our pals at Kryptonsite have some new data about the hit WB series. First up, they caught Jane Seymour in TV Guide, talking about her character Genevieve Teague. "She's pure evil," Seymour told TV Guide, "which is a really fun change from Dr. Quinn."

Also, they have screen captures from the trailer for next week's episode "Jinx," featuring a DCU character ... sort of.


Wizard Magazine has a new interview with director Rob Bowman, who avoids spoilers (but gives away some in the course of the story) in talking about the film. "Well, I don't want to give the plot away, but essentially Elektra learns some hard lessons about compassion, which is something I think we could all use a little bit more of. I thought taking the most cold-hearted assassin on the planet, and turning her into somebody who thinks caringly about other people would be interesting. And how do I do that? How do I make it believable? And the villains' job is to make it as hard as possible on her. They don't want her to succeed for one second. And then the fun of it with them was not just making them bad guys-they're freaks! They do freaky things. It's not a movie that's just laden with spectacle. It's a movie I hope is received as clever and inventive, and sort of freaky." Also, for your perusal, is a groovy image gallery from the movie.


Producer Don Murphy is such a tease. He's posted the following at his message board: "We have a screenwriter that we are all very excited about. He fits all my dream parameters- he knows the mythology, is very POP in his writing, is the right age (20s) and shops at my comic book shop regularly so I know him at least a little bit. The deal is being ironed out as we speak so I cannot say more- but with him involved we can stay on target for Summer 06 and create an amazing fun film. More as it happens." Thanks to Chris McCarver for pointing that out.


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