Iron Man, Batman Begins, Full Moon Fever, The Darkness: December 7th Comic Reel Wrap


After a deluge of angry emails from readers, the Comic Reel points you to an article at IGN's FilmForce which states, " One big problem with these Timberlake as Iron Man rumors: they're inaccurate!" Their own sources say that the rumors are wholly spurious. Again, we don't make up this stuff, we just report it.


Speaking of billionaire crimefighters characters, Latino Review spoke to stage and screen veteran Morgan Freeman, who discussed Lucius Fox's role in the life of the Bat. "He's part of the design team for Wayne industries. All those great combat toys he has, that's who he is ... I show him how to jump a chasm." As for sequels? Freeman said, "I haven't signed anything, no. If it survives, big question, and they decide to do 'Batman Continues On,' [I will]."


According to Variety (subscription required), "Renny Harlin will develop and helm a feature based on the upcoming graphic novel 'Full Moon Fever' for producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter ... created by comicbook writer Joe Casey for publisher AIT/Planet Lar. Casey, whose background includes writing "X-Men" and "Superman" comics, pitched the project to Askarieh at this summer's ComicCon and will script the adaptation while working closely with Harlin, Askarieh and Alter."


Even more footage from the David Goyer-helmed sequel, opening this week? Well, if you insist -- New Line has posted another clip (high resolution and low as well) featuring the lead villain Drake.


Screeenwriter Dan Harris also talked to Latino Review about the construction going on down under. "I thought that X-Men was a big movie," Harris said, "but this scope is another step bigger, which is really cool. And they're building so much stuff too. I can tell you that they are building a portion of Metropolis, like a major backlot that's amazing. It's like three intersecting city blocks and everything is four stories tall. And it's a permanent backlot, it will be like a permanent New York City slash Metropolis."


Getting our segue on, actor Shawn Ashmore talked to Comingsoon.net about rumors of him playing Jimmy Olsen for Bryan Singer, as well as talked about another semester in Westchester. "Although he admitted to having no idea what the script [for 'X3'] is like, who the director will be and when they're going to start, he did have some ideas of what he would like to see in the next film as far as his character. 'I really want to continue the Pyro/Iceman sort of rivalry,' he told us, 'Because I think there's a great opportunity for a really fun battle between the two elements. I also like the relationship with Anna's character Rogue. It's not a typical teenage love story. There's a lot going against them, and I think it's interesting to sort of work through that. They're in a relationship that they can't rush into but they want to so badly that the tension there is really fun.'"

In addition, actor Brian cox talked to DVD Bits, and implied that reports of his character's demise may have been a bit premature. "I'm not necessarily dead in X-Men. No no no. I may re-emerge. Unlike this film, I'm definitely history in this film. I don't mind doing those films. That's why I didn't mind doing two films like this. I don't see this as a franchise as such. I think they're good films and these are good film makers. Frank has done a great job in producing these films. I think Bryan Singer is a really good film-maker to work with. That's the thing I get out of it is the work experience with that."


An embarrassment of riches on the "Smallville" front, starting with new set photos of Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and guest star Chris Carmack (who we noted would guest star yesterday) on the campus of the University of Metropolis ... er, University of British Columbia, that is.

Kristin Kreuk appeared on the WB11 Morning News in New York and the affiliate was kind enough to post the video (click "feedroom" on the right hand side). The gang at Devoted to Smallville, of course, got screen captures.

Finally, the grandaddy of "Smallville" fan locales, Kryptonsite, chimes in with a deluge of fresh promotional images from episodes that have already aired and are due back on TV during the show's hiatus, including shots from "Crusade," "Transference" and "Devoted."


Variety reports that Dimension Films will develop Platinum Studios' The Darkness as its latest big screen comic book adaptation.


Did anybody catch the footage on Access Hollywood? Oh, right, a scooper at Superhero Hype did, and emailed in a bit about it: "They showed great scenes with Keanu fighting demons and using the holy shotgun on them. They also showed him getting Rachael Weisz's character out of a bathtub using his powers. I don't think it was the whole trailer cause they kept repeating the same scenes over again, especially the really cool scene of Keanu jumping high in the air in what seems to be hell and demons right beneath him trying to grab him."


Consider yourselves warned: Warren Ellis is poised to inflict his delicious brand of madness on US audiences this week with the "Justice League Unlimited" episode "Dark Heart," with guest actors including "Scrubs" star John C. McGinley as The Atom and "Spider-Man" actor J.K. Simmons as Gen. Eiling. Comics Continuum has almost twenty screen captures from the episode.


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