Iron Man, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Lady Death: August 10 Comic Reel Wrap


Comics Continuum has screen captures from the upcoming animated film based on the Brian Pulido character. Pulido said, "I don't know what your perspective is, but I've never seen anything like Lady Death in live-action or anime. Sure, you see these girl-power films, but nothing like Lady Death. Lady Death is its own thing, and [producer] Andy [Orjuela] got that. I feel good and confident that he's held the torch. Two things we fought for. The first thing is we wanted the movie to be longer than it originally was supposed to be, and we got that. And the other thing that we both really wanted is that we wanted it to be harsh. We wanted it to be tough. We wanted it to be brutal."


David Goyer was interviewed by Ain't It Cool News and he discussed working on film versions of the two billionaire crime fighters. On the "Batman Begins" teaser, Goyer said, "The great thing is that it looks like a Christopher Nolan film. That's the first feeling I get. If I was watching that teaser and didn't know what I was looking at. You wouldn't know it's BATMAN. When Chris and I first sat down, we talked about the teaser, and we said, 'How cool would it be for the audience not to know it's the BATMAN teaser until the end?' And he did that."

On the subject of "Iron Man," Goyer said, "'Iron Man' I'm not going to do. You just consulted. We were just paid by New Line to sit in a room for a couple of days to spitball and debate. Should he be an alcoholic in the first movie? Should he not be an alcoholic? Should it start period? Should it not? What villains should you use? I don't know where they ended up, but I was *adamantly* opposed to using The Mandarin. I think The Mandarin is super dated and racist. I just don't know how you make The Mandarin work in the modern day. You know, they had done a version of the script where they tried to make him a sort of Indonesian industrialist that was sort of tied into Al Qaeda, but it wasn't really The Mandarin anyway ... I felt that the versions that had come before were neither fish nor fowl. He had a drinking problem, but he wasn't really an alcoholic. I know that Protosevich and I felt that for the first film he should drink a lot, but it should just be in the background. But the second film, you should face the alcoholism head-on. For the first film it just seems like such a downer. The thing that people forget, and I think it was incredibly brave for Marvel to make him an alcoholic, was they made him an alcoholic around issue number 125. He had all of these adventures, and *then* he became an alcoholic. To do it in the first movie, although it would be interesting, it would just be death."


Actor Ryan Reynolds has started posting on the Blade: Trinity Message Boards, saying "Nightstalkers: it's been talked about. Goyer and i would like to work together again. if that's a Nightstalkers movie or something else, we'll see ..."


Actor Ron Perlman will be appearing at the Texas Superhero Sci-Fi Expo on Saturday October 9. Seeing as how he's had more tidbits about the sequel at every 'con appearance, if fans catch him there, drilling him for info would probably pay off (and we'd love to hear whatever you might hear).


The fansite Alien vs. Predator Galaxy has 125 screen captures from the recent HBO special about the franchise-melding action flick. Fox is getting in on the act, with a "Making Of" special about the film as well.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Bragi Schut ("The Last Voyage of the Demeter", "Season of the Witch") will write the adaptation of the Steve Niles graphic novel. Niles did a draft and Schut will do a completely new take.


Bale in suit? Batsignal? Superhero Hype has you covered. They also have a new set report from the Windy City: One spy said, "We were downtown last night. They were filming a large scene in front of the Merchandise Mart at Franklin and Wacker involving Gotham Police SWAT, Gotham Police Cars, and Gotham PD on horseback ... the entire Gotham Force and a large cast of extras."

Another watched a scene getting filmed: "They filmed on the bridge over chicago river Franklin street. There were tons of Gotham cars and swat cars. Even a GCN 26 news truck!! They filmed a scene with about 10 police cars driving really slow over the bridge following them was about 20 swat team members jogging.... and behind them were the SWAT trucks. Then more SWAT members with shields in hand. And then behind them were GPD cops on horses. I watched them film it 2-3 times. Also mixed in the scene I noticed a girl walking with SWAT members she stopped in front of the camera and was talking to SWAT members and pointing. (like giving orders or something) she wasn't wearing a uniform..and NO it was not Katie Holmes. I got a good look at her. This scene looked like a parade... they were moving very slow."


If you'd like to see a somewhat spoiler-esque set description of the Vancouver location for the Tim Story-helmed adaptation, again, Superhero Hype has it for you.


According to Dark Horizons, there is no truth to Tom Welling being offered the cape. Their source said, "Singer wants an unknown in the lead role. Trust me when I say Tom Welling will not be the next Superman. I'm not sure how that rumor came about but it's bogus. My agency got a casting call last week for Superman. Actors are going to get put on tape starting next week. Singer and his team will then meet actors, sort through the tapes and decide which actors they want to come to Burbank for a final screen test. Word is Superman might be cast as early as September. The search is apparently all over North America. I guess they'll have casting directors in LA, NY and Canada. Another interesting bit. Warners are apparently going to rent the Fox studios for the next 2 years. I don't know what that means. Maybe they're shooting two Superman movies back to back, maybe they're just keeping it for the inevitable Superman sequel, maybe Green Lantern is gearing up, hell, it could be Scooby Doo 3! I honestly don't know, but look for a big Warner production to be in Sydney after Superman."


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