10 Iron Man Armors We’ll Never Get To See In The MCU

Avengers: Endgame has been out for weeks, the dust has settled, and Tony Stark is no more. Fans of the MCU have spent eleven years following Iron Man's cinematic escapades - eleven years bonding with the character and watching Robert Downey Jr. redefine him for generations to come.

Throughout that period, we've also seen Tony Stark wear on many different suits of armor based on armors from the comics. Disney and Marvel Studios managed to pay homage to a lot of Tony's armors, but they weren't able to pay tribute to all of them. That's where we come in. Here are 10 Iron Man Armors that we'll never get to see in the MCU now that Tony Stark and RDj are gone.

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10 Model #6 (The Hydro Armor)

Let's start things off light with a callback to one of Tony's older suits. Iron Man's 6th suit of armor might not look like much, especially in comparison to many of Stark's more advanced suit, but it was Tony's go-to piece of underwater gear.

Also known as the "Hydro Armor," Model #6 was incredibly durable, ergonomic, and capable of withstanding underwater pressure. The Hydro Armor also possessed an array of dangerous weapons; the suit housed repulsor beams, miniature torpedos, and a unique version of the uni-beam (dubbed the "tri-beam.") Suit #6 first appeared in Iron Man #218, back in May 1987.

9 Model #13 (The Modular Armor)

Model #13 was Iron Man's signature armor during the 1990s. This suit got a ton of press back in the day, making it one of Tony Stark's most iconic armaments. Dubbed "the Modular Armor" thanks to the suit's customizable interface, the Model #13 appeared in most of the video games and TV shows that featured Tony.

Fans of the Marvel vs. Capcom games will recognize the Modular Armor as the suit Tony wore in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Tony also primarily wore Model #13 throughout Iron Man: The Animated Series. The first Hulkbuster Armor was an add-on to the Modular Armor, so we almost got to see Tony wear Model #13 in the MCU.

8 Model #45 (The Deep-Space Armor)

Let's skip ahead a few decades, to the early 2010s. Brian Micheal Bendis and Steve McNiven decided that Tony should step away from Earth's problems and hang out with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while. After Stark officially joined the team's roster, he created this beauty to help him handle the rigors of space.

Officially dubbed the "Deep-Space" Armor, Model #45 is synonymous with Tony Stark's stint as a Guardian of the Galaxy. The Deep-Space armor is just as formidable as any of Iron Man's other suits. It's also very adaptable, allowing Tony to outfit it with various extensions to meet a wide array of needs.

7 Models #56 & #57 (The Fin Fang Foombuster Armors)

Fin Fang Foom is an enormous, evil dragon that's feuded with many of Earth's Mightiest Heroes over the years. Iron Man and Fin Fang Foom have clashed multiple times throughout the years. Their bouts usually end with Tony gaining the upper hand, calling in reinforcements, or getting the heck out of Dodge! A proud and arrogant creature, Fin's never believed that Stark could convincingly beat him and that his past defeats were flukes.

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That all changed when Tony donned Model #57, aka the Fin Fang Boombuster! This super-sized armor looks like it stepped right out of the Gundam franchise serve Fin some humble pie. Fin critically damaged this suit, leading Tony to finish their fight in Model #56 - which is a man-sized version of Model #57.

6 Model #22 (The Thorbuster Armor)

Iron Man fans know that whenever Tony needs to tackle a specific threat, he creates another addition to his "Buster" series of suits. When the Hulk went on a rampage and Tony had to shut the Jade Goliath down, he donned the Hulkbuster Armor for the very first time. We've just talked about the Fin Fang Foombuster Armors, which Stark used to put the smack down on a dragon!

Model #22 is a rare example of a suit that failed to get the job done. Considering why Tony created, however, we're glad that it did. Iron Man was sent by the US Government to detain Thor. The God of Thunder refused to go quietly and got into it with the Iron Avenger. Captain had to intervene and stop two of his closest friends from killing each other!

5 Model #43 (The Stealth Armor)

Tony's created all sorts of armors for all kinds of reasons over the years. Model #43 isn't the Armored Avenger's first stealth suit, but it's his most intuitive piece of covert operations equipment by a mile. Iron Man first donned Model #43 in Iron Man Vol 5 #3. He created the suit when Advanced Idea Mechanics - or A.I.M. for short - replicated the Extremis Virus (more on that later.)

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Stark's Model #43 suit had a built-in cloaking device, highly sophisticated hologram disguises, and an array of silent, non-lethal weapons. This Stealth Suit featured repulsor beams as well, albeit weaker versions that only fired at 10% of their maximum output.

4 Model #50 (The Endo-Sym Armor)

Despite this suit's beautiful design and soothing, blue and silver color scheme it's one of the only armors in Iron Man's arsenal that Tony created for evil intentions. Around 2014, Tony's personality got flipped inside out by a spell. Stark became obsessed with turning San Francisco into a utopia via any means necessary.

The Endo-Sym Armor is the result of Tony's twisted obsession; it's a liquid metal suit that draws a great deal of inspiration from the Symbiotes. This suit gave Tony godlike powers at the cost of his sanity. Tony fought a lot of other heroes and friends while this suit effectively possessed him. It took a lot of effort to get Stark back to normal, or at least close enough.

3 Model #51 (The Model Prime Armor)

Model #51, the Model Prime Armor, is the suit that Tony starts wearing once he breaks free of the Endo-Sym's control. This suit stands as a monument to Stark's genius, as it combines all of his armor permutations into a single frame! The Model Prime is one of the most wicked weapons in the Marvel Universe; it can change its color and shape on a whim, as well as cloak itself and respond to Tony's thoughts.

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Best of all, this suit is wholly separate from Tony's biology - keeping the iron separated from the man. The armor that RDj wore in Avengers: Infinity War borrows many of its features from the Model Prime.

2 Model #37 (The Iron Destroyer Armor)

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. During Marvel's Fear Itself storyline, an ancient Asgardian named Cul Borson declared war on Odin and the Avengers. Cul put a myriad of heroes under his thrall and attempted to kill the other that he couldn't control. Things were pretty hopeless for a time until Odin gave Tony Stark access to Nidavellir.

Iron Man created an arsenal of weapons from Uru metal and gave them to his friends. Finally, Stark fused his Bleeding Edge armor with the mystical substance. The Iron Destroyer resulted from this union of man, machine, and magic.

1 Model #29 (The Extremis Armor)

Of all of Iron Man's suits, this is perhaps his most well known among comic book fans. Tony created Model #29 to stop a criminal named Mallen. Mallen possessed powers granted to him by the Extremis Virus. To fight fire with fire, Tony injected himself with Extremis then created Model #29. Without the aid of the virus, the Extremis Armor is almost impossible to control. But while under its effects, Tony becomes an absolute juggernaut on the battlefield.

The Mark 3 from the MCU borrows many aesthetic elements from the Extremis Armor, but it isn't housed in RDJ's bones nor does it require the use of any drugs. To date, the Extremis Armor has appeared in more games, books, and TV shows than almost any of Tony's other armors. The only place it hasn't fully appeared is in the MCU.

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