10 Iron Man Armors We Hope To See More Of In The Comics

Iron Man is arguably one of Marvel Comics' most recognizable heroes, and that's in large part thanks to his suits of armor. After suffering a severe chest injury during a kidnapping, Tony Stark built his first Iron Man suit to save his life and escape his captors. Since then, Tony has gone on to build over 50 suits of armor.

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Whether it's armor designed for deep space travel, stealth, or fighting the Hulk, Tony has armor for just about every occasion. But since his suits are so specialized, it's rare for a suit to make a reappearance after it's introduced, which is a shame because there are so many cool Iron Man armors that fans would like to see again. So, here are 10 Iron Man armors we hope to see more of in the comics!

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10 Marvel NOW! Armor

The Marvel NOW! era saw Tony build himself a new suit of armor following the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover which was unfortunately short-lived. The armor, which was Model 42, was used by Tony mostly to test new tech. This armor was designed to attach and de-attach modules for different situations, like wrist-mounted missiles or augmented back-thrusters.

This armor changed Iron Man's usual color scheme of red and gold to black and gold. Between its sweet design and modular armory, Model 42 was one of Tony's best recent armors but was quite short-lived, so it's one we'd like to see again.

9 Sorcerer Supreme Armor

Yes, this may have been one-off in a What if... issue, but the Sorcerer Supreme Armor is too cool to only be seen once. In this What if... story, both Tony and Stephen Strange are in a car accident, and Strange suffers nerve damage to his hands, preventing him from casting spells, so Tony becomes the Sorcerer Supreme in his stead.

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Tony built this armor to battle Dormammu, and the armor has the Eye of Agamotto in place of a power core and gauntlets pre-programmed with the necessary hand movements for casting spells. This armor's mix of technology and magic made a unique and awesome armor.

8 Fin Fang Foombuster Armor

The Fin Fang Foombuster, aka Model 57, was designed by Tony to stop Fin Fang Foom from attacking Manhattan. The armor is actually made up of a set of auto-piloted cannons that when joined by a ship containing the cockpit, assemble into the Fin Fang Foombuster, standing twenty stories high.

The best thing about the armor is its design. The Fin Fang Foombuster seemed to be inspired by Japanese mecha series such as Gundam, and though Fin Fang Foom destroyed the armor, it'd be awesome to see this suit make a reappearance.

7 Thorbuster Armor

Tony Stark doesn't always agree with his fellow Avengers, so there have been a few instances he's come to blows against members of the team. The most famous of these battles is arguably his fight with the Hulk, using the now iconic Hulkbuster Armor, but he also built a suit for fighting Thor.

Tony built the Mark XXII, aka the Thorbuster, using Asgardian technology and modeled the armor after the Destroyer. Despite being devastatingly powerful, Thor managed to tear the armor apart. Nevertheless, it is still a suit we'd like to see make a return.

6 Iron Hammer Armor

When Gamora sealed the souls of the universe in the soul stone and folded the universe in half in Infinity Wars #3, the souls of Iron Man and Thor merged to form Iron Hammer. Equipped with a suit of armor with runic inscriptions instead of a power core, and a war-hammer made of cold iron, Iron Hammer is one of the coolest Iron Man variants.

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This version of Iron Man joined the Defenders of Warp World along with other merged heroes. While it's unlikely we'll see Iron Hammer any time soon, that doesn't mean we have to give up hope.

5 Guardians of the Galaxy Armor

The MCU had Thor join the Guardians of the Galaxy, but in the comics, it was Iron Man who joined the Guardians. During this short time, Tony was surprised to learn that alien tech was centuries ahead of Earth's.

Using advanced alien tech, Tony built a new suit of armor that had the capabilities of his modular armor but with some added bonuses, like surviving in deep space and traveling at warp speed, as well as looking awesome. This space-faring armor is definitely one we'd like to see more of.

4 Model 47 Armor

Much like the Fin Fang Foombuster Armor, Model 47 is an armor we'd like to see again mostly because of its aesthetic value. Model 47 is a bulkier armor than most, but that's because the armor is loaded out with multiple missile launchers in the shoulders, arms, hands, and legs.

Model 47's design appears to be inspired by old-school Japanese mecha that you might see in the 1980s, which is certainly a point in its favor. It would be great to see more of the Model 47 Armor; maybe Tony could use it to fight a giant monster.

3 Endo-Sym Armor

The Axis event was a strange time for the Marvel Universe. A magic spell caused the moral axis of several heroes and villains to flip. Good became evil, evil became good, and Tony reverted to his old billionaire playboy self, only worse. With his new outlook, Tony needed a new suit of armor, and that armor became one of his best. The Endo-Sym Armor.

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This armor was more powerful and stylish than most of his other suits. It was a symbiotic armor that attached to Tony's nervous system, providing him full control. Aesthetically, the Endy-Sym armor had a futurist color scheme with silvers and blues. Now, we're not saying we want to see more of this version of Tony, but we definitely want to see more of the Endo-Sym Armor.

2 Silver Centurion Armor

This fan-favorite armor debuted in 1985, and it's easy to see why it became such a hit. Robbed of his company by Obadiah Stane, Tony revealed this new, heavily-armed armor to face off against Stane.

The Silver Centurion Armor was a major departure from its predecessors. Previous armors were sleek and painted with the classic red and gold color scheme, but Silver Centurion was bulkier, much more powerful, and painted red and silver. Sure, the Silver Centurion Armor has shown its age, but who wouldn't want to see it make a reappearance?

1 Infamous Iron Man

Okay, so we know this wasn't Tony's Iron Man armor but hear us out. Following Civil War II, which saw Tony falling into a coma, Victor von Doom took up the mantle of Iron Man. The arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four found himself unfulfilled with ultimate power, and after a bit of soul searching, believed he would find a sense of fulfillment by doing the opposite—by being a force for good.

The whole villain-turned-hero story is one that's been done before, but that didn't stop Infamous Iron Man from being an exceptionally compelling series. Having Doom navigate the world of heroism after spending so long as a villain made for an interesting anti-hero protagonist with a great character arc. That, and his armor looked amazing. It kept the Iron Man look while still looking decidedly Doctor Doom, including a hooded cloak to complete the look. While Doom's time as Iron Man lasted only 12 issues, we're still hoping for the Infamous Iron Man to make a return.

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