Iron Man: 10 Armors We Hope To See In Avengers 4 (And 10 That Can Stay Off The Screen)

If there's one thing Iron Man is known for, it's making crazy suits of armor that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Whether it be diving through the ocean or soaring the empty void of space, you can bet that Stark has a suit designed just for that. However, the MCU has been a bit different in portraying Stark's numerous suits. While Iron Man 3 had some designs specifically for certain purposes, that hasn't been the case with his main sets. Most of the films just see him upgrading the standard version of his armor with better tech and newer weapons, which reached its current peak with the Bleeding Edge armor in Avengers: Infinity War.

At the end of that film, Stark was stranded on Titan with Nebula after Thanos did his work and erased half of reality. How we'll bounce back in Avengers 4 is anyone's guess, but it's likely that we'll see him come up with a new suit to take the fight straight to the Mad Titan once more. With so many suits of armor to draw from, there are many directions Marvel can go with Stark's new suit. As such, there are plenty of armors in the comics that we think would be a great choice for the movie. Whether they would look cool on screen or fit with Stark's quest to avenge the universe, they deserve to be in Avengers 4. On that note, we're listing 10 Iron Man armors we hope to see in Avengers 4 and 10 that can stay off the screen.


The Silver Centurion armor is both a classic yet a different take on the standard design. A silver Iron Man suit was used in the MCU once in Iron Man 2, but nothing else has been done with the concept save for a cameo in Iron Man 3.

With Avengers 4, there is a possibility that it could be Tony Stark's last stand, and what better way to show that than by making the suit a different color? With thicker armor for extra durability, it may just be what Stark needs to face Thanos again, but with the upper hand this time around.


If there's one thing that doesn't need to happen in Avengers 4, it's an extended scene where characters are being stealthy. Being the follow-up to Thanos wrecking half the universe, it's time for the Avengers to unite and fire on all cylinders -- that includes Tony Stark.

While the idea of a black Iron Man suit sounds cool on paper, it's not something that would look great on-screen. Furthermore, Black Panther is already the Avenger known for having the black suit, it wouldn't make sense to give more characters the same color scheme. Besides, it would take away from Tony's loud personality.


We acknowledge that an accurate portrayal of the Endo Sym armor would essentially be impossible at this point. The symbiote rights are still tied up at Sony, and symbiotes haven't been introduced in the MCU (nor would there be time to do so). That said, the design is more than cool enough to warrant an appearance in Avengers 4.

Tony could easily take the nano bot concept from the Bleeding Edge armor and improve on it, leading to a white design. It could also work as a symbol for how he has fully changed from a selfish character in Iron Man to a pure of heart character in Avengers 4.


One of the weirdest comic book stories in Marvel history was when the Avengers went back in time to recruit a teenage Tony Stark to the Avengers. He maintained his intelligence from the present-day version, so he even made a few suits for himself. However, none of these versions of the Iron Man armor were very interesting.

One version depicted open holes for his eyes and mouth, which was extremely impractical. Another had him wear a chest plate and a leather jacket, which was an obvious product of the '90s. All in all, there are plenty of comics Marvel doesn't want fans to remember, and we hope it stays that way in Avengers 4.


This is one of the more plausible suits on this list. Being stuck in space, Stark could easily figure out a way to design a suit for getting him back to Earth. If this is the case, we hope that it's based on the Deep Space suit. This armor was created when Stark joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and needed a more efficient way to travel through space.

It keeps the classic Iron Man color scheme while plenty of variations in the design. The arc reactor is shaped differently on the chest and the helmet is bulkier, with a different ratio of gold and red. It also comes with some thrusters that help him rocket through space.


When Stark was working on a mission against the Dark Elves, he found that his regular armor wasn't enough. Luckily, a friend sent him a new suit of armor filled with all sorts of bells and whistles in the form of the Dark Angel armor. This heavily black suit of armor was stuffed from head to toe with all sorts of blades and guns.

However, the armor robs Iron Man of the key design elements that make his character stand out. Honestly, he looks a bit more like War Machine, and while Stark needs a bigger suit for Avengers 4, we hope that Dark Angel isn't the greatest source of inspiration.


If we had to wager on what suit might take the most inspiration for Tony Stark's armor in Avengers 4, it might be the Iron Destroyer armor. In the comics, this suit was created when Stark was given access to Uru metal, one of the strongest substances in the Nine Realms.

It was the material that forged the Destroyer, so he combined it with his Bleeding Edge armor, which has already appeared in the MCU. The result was a nearly indestructible suit of armor that had the design of Iron Man with added features and aesthetics of the Asgardian Destroyer. It would look great on the screen.


With all of the "buster" armors Iron Man seems to make so easily, it makes one wonder at what point it becomes a convenience for the writers. The Thorbuster armor was designed for what its name entails: beating up the God of Thunder. Honestly, it's not a very attractive suit, having too much gold and some awkward features on its torso and head.

First of all, there is no excuse why a metallic suit should have abs. Secondly, the helmet makes him look like a dumb brute. It takes away from what makes Iron Man so iconic and is a silly look when trying to fight Thor.


Some of the most potent Iron Man armors combine the usefulness of tons of onboard equipment with a bit more bulk for extra defense. That's exactly what the Rebel armor, first appearing in The Invincible Iron Man #523 brings to the table. This massive suit is bigger than normal, but not so big that it becomes maybe too much.

With modern accents in the form of lights around the body and silver around the helmet, is has a unique look unlike any suit that came before it. This is a design that we could easily see Stark using in Avengers 4 as his last stand against Thanos.


The Outer Atmospheric armor is far from the ugliest of Stark's suits, but it's so far beyond the familiarity of the Iron Man designs that it's hard to look at. If this became the primary suit Stark used in Avengers 4, it would feel jarring compared to the rest of his suits.

Ditching the bright red and gold, this armor favors a gray and dark red design with odd markings around the body. Furthermore, having the suit be skin-tight never looks quite right, and the Outer Atmospheric armor is no exception. If Stark comes back to Earth in this suit, we bet that the Avengers would have a good laugh.


iron man model prime

Tony Stark's Model Prime armor combines all of his suits both in name and design. Being a jack of all trades, the suit can adapt to any situation, change itself to any color it wishes, and take on any foe that stands in its way. All this is topped off with a sleek, angular look that would look great on the big screen.

The only thing Stark has yet to do in the MCU is create a suit that brings together the best aspects of every suit he's designed. That would be an excellent way for him to spend his final appearance too, building the perfect Iron Man suit and working with the old Avengers team.


Tony has experimented with a lot of different suit designs, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. He put together a few different suits each with specific situations in mind, and one of them was the Argonaut Submariner armor.

This one was created specifically for going underwater, and would later attack Namor on its own. Despite the usefulness of traveling underwater at amazing depths, the Argonaut Submariner is an ugly piece of tech. The all-gold look isn't easy on the eyes, and the horned head and claws make it look like something that an alien would've designed rather than Stark.


With Avengers 4 most likely being Robert Downey Jr's last appearance as Iron Man, it's possible that the movie could make him go out with a bang. We're not talking something like the Bleeding Edge armor either -- we're talking going all the way and bringing out the Iron Manor.

This suit was designed as Tony Stark's entire house. When things got hairy, he could activate it into an entire suit of armor with the power to destroy just about anything. Seeing something so insane in a movie would be an epic, crowd-pleasing moment, as well as something that would be difficult for even Thanos to defeat.


Stark has a lot of buster armors at his disposal, and they start to get a bit ridiculous. In "Civil War II", Iron Man and Captain Marvel butted heads, pulling various Avengers to different sides of the conflict. As such, he had to create a suit specifically designed for dealing with his old comrade.

The Captain Marvel Buster is huge, clunky, black, and oddly rectangular for an Iron Man armor. It looks like something that belongs in the G1 Transformers cartoon rather than a modern Marvel comic book. The ugly black, square shoulders, and other design elements cause it to be a visual mess.


iron man extremis

Tony is so adaptable that he can use his previous conflicts to help improve his tech in the future. After combatting the Extremis drug, it inspired Tony to design a suit that was so complex and advanced that he had trouble using it without being on the drug himself.

The suit was so advanced that it was attached to his bones with the help of Extremis. This allowed him to always be prepared to fight without needing any apparatus to deploy it. This could be a next step in Avengers 4 by having Tony have an armor wired to his very skeleton. Then again, that might be a bit too weird of an angle for many viewers.


Riri Williams was the all-new, all-different Iron Man. After finding an old suit and reverse engineering it, she decided to create her own design. Unfortunately, the result was something expected out of a children's cartoon rather than a fully-fledged comic book universe.

It was a pink and black suit that was form-fitted to her body -- it had none of the visual impact of the Iron Man suit. While we don't think Stark would ever wear something like this in Avengers 4, it's possible that Riri Williams could be introduced to take his place near the end of the film. If that's the case, her suit would need changed.



The Godkiller armor is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, but it wasn't created by Tony Stark. Instead, it was created by the Celestials during a war and designed specifically to destroy Celestials. It was massive, standing over 2000 feet tall and had limitless power.

While it might need some changes to fit into the MCU, such a striking suit of armor would be perfect for a final act in Avengers 4, especially if there is some bigger threat than Thanos arriving in the film. Having Stark wield such a mighty weapon could be the epic moment that could dethrone Thor's arrival in Wakanda.


While the Superior Iron Man armor often refers to the standard Endo Sym armor, there was another way it could be utilized. Because the armor was "alive" and could change its form, it could alter its size into a massive version of itself. Similar in size to the Hulk, it was like an enhanced version of the Hulkbuster with design elements that were similar to Ultron.

Because a Hulkbuster armor has already been present in the MCU, seeing a variation of that design wouldn't be that exciting in Avengers 4. Tony is going to need an entirely new suit to have the right impact on-screen.


avengers 4 thanos buster fan theory

A Thanos Buster armor isn't present in the comics. Instead, this idea has come out of rumors about Avengers 4. Some rumors have said that Tony will design a new suit specifically for taking down the Mad Titan, and it's possible that it could be an original suit named the Thanos Buster armor.

The theory suggests that, instead of creating a new Infinity Gauntlet to house new versions of the Infinity Stones, Stark creates a suit that can wield them. Being similar to an Infinity Gauntlet that one would be able to wear, this cosmically powerful suit would head the charge against the Mad Titan, leading to his inevitable defeat.


This is an Iron Man armor that will probably never make it on the big screen outside of a few easter eggs and references. The Deep Sea armor is probably one of the weirdest-looking armors Iron Man has ever worn. In regards to its design, it's little more than a regular Iron Man suit housed inside of a golden space suit.

Seeing a bulky, gold suit with a dome that holds an Iron Man helmet inside is an awkward sight to behold. The MCU has been known for taking out the comic book elements that always seemed a bit too ridiculous. Nonetheless, this is not a suit we want to see in any capacity.

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