Iron Man Animated AdverVideo to Debut Thursday

Marvel has provided CBR News with exclusive images from the latest Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos featured on MarvelKids.com, announced first here on CBR in an exclusive interview with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Details of the launch can be found below.

Official Press Release

Iron Man Continues the Adventure In New AdverVideos!

Fans all over the world thrilled to the first groundbreaking Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos last week, as your favorite heroes were brought to life like never before! In the second AdverVideo, Iron Man arrives on the scene to take on a seemingly unstoppable foe--but will his genius and amazing suit of armor be enough? Or could a certain "incredible" ally be the key to victory?

Click on http://www.marvelkids.com to experience the Mighty Marvel adventure that has everyone buzzing!

The second Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos debuts this Thursday, January 10th, at http://www.marvelkids.com/videos and then the can't miss final installment smashes into your web browsers on January 17th! True Believers, have you spotted all the special cameos and bonus Easter Eggs hidden throughout the first AdverVideos? Keep your eyes open cause there are more to come!

Also don't miss Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1 Special, a new digital comic book that stars Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man; the exciting prequel to The Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos! It's a brand-new story featuring your favorite heroes... and it's free at http://www.marvelkids.com/ironman!

Don't forget, you can pick up Marvel Adventures comics and digests every month wherever comics are sold--ask for Marvel Adventures Iron Man, Marvel Adventures Hulk, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man and more by name!

Visit http://www.marvelkids.com to experience it now!

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