Iron Man #600 Will Be Brian Michael Bendis' Final Marvel Issue


Brian Michael Bendis has revealed that the upcoming 600th issue of Invincible Iron Man won't just be his last on this particular title, but it will be his final comic for Marvel overall. He spilled the beans on Twitter, confirming previous teases that this Iron Man story would be his swan song, while also promising fans a "big" finale.

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Bendis, who recently fell severely ill, tweeted: "Sorry I wasn’t clear. Every single title I am writing will end with a conclusion from me that either is my final statement on the characters or sets them up for their next adventure as planned. every title. My last marvel comic will be Iron Man 600 and it’s big."

The writer, who is now under a new exclusive deal with DC Comics, has quite a few arcs to wrap in the build-up to this landmark issue. Among the pressing issues are the future of Riri Williams and if she will pursue more adventures as Ironheart, the threads from the Infamous Iron Man series and if Doctor Doom will continue as an armored hero, and lastly, the fate of Tony Stark. Stark has been comatose since Civil War II but his body was mysteriously stolen in Bendis' current arc, "The Search for Tony Stark."

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Apart from this title, Bendis will also have to close out stories with Miles Morales, including both the Spider-Man series and his dealings with Peter Parker in Spider-Men II, along with The Defenders, and finally, Jessica Jones, which already has a female writer lined up for when Bendis depart with the March-scheduled issue #18.

Bendis has written for Marvel for more than 17 years, with the debut of Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000. Invincible Iron Man #598 is scheduled for release in March, meaning issue #600 is likely for release in May 2018.

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