Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Walking Dead: February 4th Comic Reel


While most football fans were watching the Super Bowl for the showdown between the 49ers and Ravens, comic fans were standing by for the new "Iron Man 3" trailer, which gave a 30 look at the upcoming film.

Entertainment Weekly posted their penultimate part of their interview with Robert Downey, Jr., who discussed the differences between "Iron Man 2" and "Iron Man 3" on the production side.

"The first six months of pre-pre-production when you get hired to a Marvel movie is like taking a four-year college course in humility," the actor told EW. "The strongest ones survive and they move into prep and then they shoot the movie and they still look like a human being. The great thing about Shane is the same thing that's great about Shane's movie is that all the moving parts within the frame of his story are so poetic and inherently entertaining and then thought out and rethought out. And then everyone all the way through really put their nose to the grindstone this time and I really felt like we were in a much safer playground [than we were with 'Iron Man 2'] just because it was Shane's vision. And he had a lot, lot, lot of time to figure out just one thing, which was to figure what the story would be."

Opens May 3


"Iron Man 3" wasn't the only film to nab a Super Bowl trailer -- check out the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer below.

Additionally, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke with MTV about the preparation that went into portraying the film's major antagonist John Harrison.

"[Look at] real social history and present history, everything that's going on: uprisings, people who are trying to spread democracy or fight their cause, not necessarily through political means ... he is a terrorist, and sadly, that's part of the fabric of our modern world," Cumberbatch told MTV. "You don't need to look far to research that one."

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Latino Review has posted a juicy rumor about Marvel's late Phase Two and Phase Three plans that center around the Hulk. The rumor states that the Hulk will play a larger role in Phase Three with his own standalone film that follows the storyline of Greg Pak's popular "Planet Hulk" storyline, where the Hulk gets shot into space and lands on a planet of gladiatorial combat, eventually becoming its king and returning to Earth to exact his revenge on those who exiled him into space.

Right now, it's just a rumor with no confirmation, but seeing Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in a space epic would certainly be pretty cool.


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has found its female lead in Emily VanCamp. While the "Revenge" actress' role hasn't yet been defined, many fans assume she'll portray Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter's niece. VanCamp's credits also include "Everwood" and "Brothers & Sisters."

Opens April 4, 2014


TV Line has posted a new set of spoilers, one of which is for "The Walking Dead's" midseason premiere. According to the report, fans can expect to learn the outcome of the showdown between Daryl and Merle, an unexpected appearance will be made by a character "you never thought you'd see again" and Rick Grimes will "do something (literally) everyone has wanted to do at one time or another."

Midseason premiere airs February 10 on AMC.


While speaking with Forbes, Michael Bay expanded on his mission statement for "Transformers 4," clarifying his views for the film.

"We're going to start off smaller," Bay told Forbes. "There's a brand new cast. To freshen the franchise we've redesigned everything from top to bottom. The history of the first three movies is still there, we start four years later and there's a reason why we're meeting a new cast."

Opens June 27, 2014


While speaking with CBR's TJ Dietch, "Powers" artist Michael Avon Oeming gave a brief update on the status of the "Powers" series in development at FX.

"I've read the new scripts by Charlie Huston, and he really has captured the voice of 'Powers,'" Oeming said. "The pilot we filmed was really good, but these new scripts are already closer to 'Powers.' One of the best parts of working on the show has been being able to look much closer at 'Powers,' nuances we normally wouldn't inspect in the comic, and then bringing that new knowledge back into the series. The experience has really refreshed the book. 'Powers' fans are in for a treat."


USA Today has posted new photos from Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim." Check out the photo below and click through for the full gallery.

Opens July 12


Here's the new "The Lone Ranger" trailer that aired during yesterday's Super Bowl.

Opens July 3


"Chew" creator John Layman gave an unfortunate update on the status of the "Chew" television series at Showtime. Namely, that it's not happening.

"There will not be a 'Chew' TV series on Showtime," Layman said via Twitter this weekend.

"Chew" artist Rob Guillory gave an update a few weeks ago stating the adaptation would be "shockingly loyal" to the original series, which makes Layman's announcement all the more confusing.


Valiant Entertainment seems to be following in the steps of Marvel Studios as it's brought the "Harbinger" film back in-house following reversion of rights back to the company. A new screenplay from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" writer Stephen Susco has been commissioned with hopes of retaining the services of director Brett Ratner, who was slated to direct Paramount's version of the film.


Here's my vote for best comic-related Super Bowl ad from Time Warner Cable.

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