<i>Iron Man 3</i> Set Photos Feature Exremis &amp; Iron Patriot Armors

All eyes are on Iron Man 3: As if being the third movie in a ridiculously successful franchise wasn't a big enough deal, the film will also be the first solo outing for a Marvel Studios post-Avengers. Lots of people want to see how that will shake out, especially considering that Jon Favreau, who directed the first two movies, has stepped aside, and Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is filling his director's chair.

Needless to say, people want to know what's going on, so expect a lot of posts like this one on The Daily Blam that shows photos from Newscom of the film's Florida set. Here you can see Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Mark XLVII armor as well as the Iron Patriot-style suit that will be filled out by Don Cheadle's Rhodey. The other images show a few more shots of the armors as well as Downey's Tony Stark carousing.

Co-written by Black and Drew Pearce (No Heroics), Iron Man 3 takes borrows from the 2005-2006 “Extremis” story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov and reportedly finds Iron Man and Iron Patriot facing off against the Mandarin's Ten Rings terrorist organization, which now includes goons imbued with Extremis, a technorganic take on the Super Soldier Serum.

Opening May 3, 2013, the film stars returning cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, joined by Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.

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