"Iron Man 3" Opening Weekend Tops $175 Million in North America

Following a strong opening on Friday, "Iron Man 3" proved to be invincible this weekend, with a projected three-day take of $175.3 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That total gives it the No. 2 North American opening of all time, after another film that featured Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark - last summer's "The Avengers," which took in $207.4 million. The latest Marvel film beat out the opening weekend for the final Harry Potter film, which scored $169.2 million, and the now No. 4 opening of "The Dark Knight Rises," which made $160.9 million in its opening weekend last summer.

The film is still performing well globally; after this weekend, THR reports that its worldwide total has hit $680.1 million. In China, it made $63.5 million during its opening weekend, the top opening for a Marvel film. "Iron Man 3" has already surpassed the total global box office of the two prior "Iron Man" films, as well as "Thor" and "Captain America."

Critically, the movie is also doing well, scoring 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 63 - generally favorable reviews - on Metacritic. CBR's Josie Campbell called it " the type of wildly intelligent genre film audience members, geeks and cinephiles should be demanding Hollywood create moving forward."

Finally, it looks like "Iron Man 3" will join the movie industry's billion-dollar club - pocket change to Tony Stark, maybe, but a big win for Disney and Marvel.

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