Iron Man 3, Heroes, Star Wars: April 18th Comic Reel


Comic Book Movie has posted quotes from director Shane Black and actor Sir Ben Kingsley during the "Iron Man 3" press conference in London, where both spoke briefly about The Mandarin.

"Of the many devices that The Mandarin employs, all of them are rooted in observation on my part and I won't name names, but some members of the audience might be able to recognize that I'm doing them," Kingsley said. "It's a beautiful script and as Shane rightly points out, there's very little deviation from what was on the page by Drew and Shane. There was our mandate and we followed it pretty well to the letter."

Comic Book Movie has also posted a video interview with legendary comic creator and "Iron Man 3" executive producer Stan Lee.

Opens May 3


It's been a while since NBC's "Heroes" has made an appearance on the Comic Reel, but it's possible the show will be a part of MSN's digital programming block as a part of its move to original programming for its Xbox platform. Current rumors state the show would feature new characters and stories, with the option for original cast members to reprise their roles depending on availability and level of interest.


There's going to be a whole lot more "Star Wars" in the coming years. Recent reports indicate that in addition to the new Trilogy, Disney's planning a "Star Wars" film every summer starting in 2015. The films will alternate between the new trilogy and spinoff films.

Opens 2015


"Chew" creator John Layman took to social media, including Twitter, yesterday to announce the unfortunate demise of the television adaptation of the creator-owned comic.

"The Plan B network considering 'Chew' after Showtime has now passed," Layman said. "All live-action TV avenues completely exhausted. 'Chew' as live-action TV now completely and probably irrevocably 110% dead. We have rights, but no plans for anything other than the comics."


Disney has released the final theatrical trailer for "The Lone Ranger," starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp.

Opens July 3


According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, "Transformers 4" is casting its Chinese roles through a reality television show. Called "Transformers 4 Chinese Actor Talent Search," the goal of the show is to cast four contestants -- two with professional acting experience and two without. "Transformers 4" producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura and casting director Denise Chamian are among the judges. The show launches in China June 2013.

Opens June 27, 2014


Terry Moore's self-published comic "Rachel Rising" is currently in development for television from the newly-formed production company Alcon Television Group. The group has not yet announced a showrunner, but "Hellboy" and "Watchmen" producer Lloyd Levin will serve as Executive Producer alongside Alcon's Sharon Hall, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. "The Walking Dead" consultant and Alcon executive Ben Roberts has been announced as a producer.


"R.I.P.D." has been gaining some steam since the first look at Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges popped up in Entertainment Weekly, as Universal Pictures has released the first official "R.I.P.D." trailer.

Opens July 18


Deadline reports new developments in casting for Brett Ratner's "Hercules" movie. "The Lovely Bones" and "Prince of Persia" actor Reece Ritchie has been cast as Iolaus, the demigod's nephew poet forced to become a warrior alongside Hercules. Ritchie joins Dwayne Johnson, Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes, Rebecca Ferguson, Aksel Hennie and John Hurt.

Opens July 25, 2014


Patton Oswalt guest-stars on tonight's "Parks and Recreation" tonight and improv'd the best eight minutes of filibuster that I've ever seen with a pitch for the story of J.J. Abrams' upcoming "Star Wars" film. Seriously, this thing is genius.

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