Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, Arrow: January 23rd Comic Reel


Continuing his talks with MTV, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige discussed Sir Ben Kingsley's portrayal of longtime Iron Man nemesis The Mandarin, including the rationale behind the development of the character for the film.

"As we've done with many of the films, we did an amalgamation," Feige told MTV. "The Mandarin is relentless: he's a non-stop threat, and you've seen that in the first teaser trailer when Tony Stark's house tumbles into the sea. He doesn't mess around, this guy. When we took away the notion of the Fu Man Chu and 'I found rings in a spaceship,' we got much more to 'How do we bring his Ten Rings organization and make it scary the way real-life terrorists can be scary, but also much more theatrical and flamboyant, like how the Mandarin was in the comics?' So we made him very public and had him take credit for his actions, to announce them in a very public way before striking. That's good for a movie, because it makes things very dramatic, and it also brings the Mandarin into the 21st century, where the videos you pass through the 24-hour news cycle is as important as the strike itself."

Opens May 3


Another casting rumor has begun for "Guardians of the Galaxy." Latino Review reports Marvel is currently asking about the availability of both Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler. Latino Review cites unspecified sources, and the report is completely unconfirmed, so it's best to take this with a grain of salt.

Although Carrey wouldn't be completely out of the realm of possibility -- he's currently co-starring in another comic book film, "Kick-Ass 2" -- Sandler is certainly an unexpected choice. However, it's still a rumor at this point. More on the situation as it develops.

Opens August 1, 2014


Speaking of rumors, it's possible Jimmy Olsen is possibly Jenny Olsen in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." According to a recent update to the "Man of Steel" page, actress Rebecca Buller is credited as "Jenny Olsen" and can be seen in the most recent trailer running alongside Lawrence Fishburne's Perry White as the Daily Planet crumbles in the background.

When reached by CBR, a Warner Bros. executive offered "No comment" in response to questions.

Opens June 14


EW reports "Arrow's" Dinah Lance will be played by none other than "Doctor Who" recurring guest-star Alex Kingston. Kingston, best known for her portrayal of River Song on "Doctor Who," steps in to "Arrow" as Laurel Lance's mother for a recurring guest spot.

This isn't the first time a "Doctor Who" alum has graced the screen on "Arrow" -- "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who" actor John Barrowman has had a recurring role on the show since very early on in the season.

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Bleeding Cool spoke with Jaimie Alexander about "Thor: The Dark World" during the press junket for "The Last Stand." The talk about her "Thor" role doesn't start until 5:00, where Alexander states nobody has actually asked her if she has any scenes with Jane Foster.

Opens November 8


NBC has ordered a pilot for "The Sixth Gun," based on Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's Oni Press series of the same name produced by "Lost" alum Carlton Cuse. The pilot script will be written by Ryan Condal, who adapted Radical Publishing's "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" for the big screen.

Bunn and Hurtt's series set in the American West after the Civil War focuses on six incredibly powerful pistols. The aptly-named Sixth Gun is found by an innocent girl, which reawakens dark forces who want to get their hands on the pistol.


io9 spoke with director Frank Darabont and star Sam Witwer about the upcoming "Godzilla" remake and how it differs from what came before.

"What we're trying to do with the new movie is not have it camp, not have it be campy," Darabont told io9. "We're kind of taking a cool new look at it. But with a lot of tradition in the first film. We want this to be a terrifying force of nature. And what was really cool, for me, is there was a very compelling human drama that I got to weave into it. It's not that cliched, thinly disguised romance or bromance, or whatever. It's different, it's a different set of circumstances than you're used to seeing. And that's tremendously exciting as a writer when you're asked to do something else."

Opens May 16, 2014


Comic creator Rob Liefeld has written a screenplay based on the founding of Image Comics. Excerpts and dream casting for the film were posted yesterday by Dream Movie Cast. There are three excerpts from Liefeld's screenplay -- one introducing Todd McFarlane; one where Liefeld, McFarlane and Jim Lee decide to leave Marvel Comics; and the time Liefeld met rapper Eazy-E.

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