Iron Man 3 Gets Box-Office Boost Overseas, Plus Another Clip

Iron Man 3 has gotten a good head start on its box office intake thanks to an early release overseas. The movie in Marvel's Phase Two plans opened Wednesday in 46 territories, and it's already made $13.2 million.

Variety notes that both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers followed the same model and went on to have massive successes internationally. With Iron Man 3 opening stateside on May 3, it could already have made a solid amount of money overseas by then.

In addition, a new clip from Iron Man 3 has been released by Marvel that shows Tony Stark dealing with the aftermath of The Avengers. He still hasn't totally wrapped his head around the fact that there are gods and other dimensions (thanks for that, Thor) and, as a result, he's been building a bunch of suits late at night to protect the "one thing I care about": Pepper Potts. As for their evolving relationship, Pepper has moved in and she and Tony are as close as ever, even if she is a bit exasperated with his late-night tinkering.

Iron Man 3, which is expected to have a huge opening weekend, stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Jon Favreau, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton. To get a detailed view of what we know about the movie at this point head over here.

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